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What is Leaking Out of Us?

Where do we go from here? So much hatred and division and turmoil and fear leaking out of us. So. Much. Pain. What matters most in all of it? Unity. Love. Connection. A heart that is open and listening. A willingness to see beyond the world we know, to the experience someone else has lived…. Read more »

How Do We Make Our Time With God Meaningful?

You are liked by the One who spoke light into existence. But He’s busy (we often think) and we’re busy, right? We might carve out a morning devotional. Read, pray, try to throw up more praise and gratitude than pleas for help or complaints. But do we connect? If we see ourselves as insignificant in… Read more »

How Do We Handle Anger Toward God?

This has been a year of introspection…and anger. The anger piece was a surprise. If someone had asked if I was angry with God, I would have given an adamant, “No. Things are great with us.” That apparently wasn’t completely true. There was a story in me that I was unaware of. That hid behind… Read more »

Does Our Lens Keep Us From Loving People Well?

How much of our thinking is built on a lie? On a lens that is colored through our experiences and belief systems? The lens we look through flavors everything. Our lens is our bias. There is a person on the periphery of my life that I struggle with. I’ll call him Ben. I care for… Read more »

How Do We Get Rid of Our Baggage?

What do we do about the baggage trailing behind us? My daughter and I were visiting family across the state and went for a run in the beautiful farm country. We were running single file beside a country road and Brie yelled, “Oh my gosh!” I thought she must have spotted a snake slithering away…. Read more »

Does God Hear Our Prayers?

Why does it feel like God doesn’t hear our prayers? Why does He seem uninterested in our lives? Why does life remain so challenging when we’ve pounded heaven for help? The other morning as I prayed for my son on the way to school, I asked God to nudge him when an assignment was due…. Read more »

Where is God When Life is Hard?

Why doesn’t God bail us out of hard situations? I was talking with a friend about a struggle someone we knew was having with finances. To help them out, my friend was considering forgiving a debt they owed him. But it felt like God was saying that He would not have my friend forgive the… Read more »

Just How Good is God’s Goodness to Us?

Maybe the question should be: Do we expect God’s goodness in our lives? Our answer gives us a hint to whether we think His goodness towards us is dependent on our goodness to Him. So many of us think God’s blessings hinge on whether we do the right things. Graham Cooke shares about a time… Read more »

Can I Become Worthy of God’s Love?

How do I know if I’m worthy of God’s love? How often do we blow it? Said something we wished we hadn’t? Wasted time instead of being productive? Looked at things we shouldn’t have? Spent money we didn’t have? Lied? Cheated? How does God look at us in our fragmented messes? How can He be… Read more »

Should the Bible Become An Experience?

Should the Bible be read or experienced? What happens when scripture stays in our heads and doesn’t become an experience? If I read the Bible for knowledge, I can know about God, but does that translate into knowing Him in an experiential way? Is it possible that knowledge without experience doesn’t really help us? We… Read more »