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Can I Become Worthy of God’s Love?

urban-1002149_640How do I know if I’m worthy of God’s love?

How often do we blow it? Said something we wished we hadn’t? Wasted time instead of being productive? Looked at things we shouldn’t have? Spent money we didn’t have? Lied? Cheated?

How does God look at us in our fragmented messes?

How can He be a holy God and not be disappointed in us? We cringe, so how can He not?

Most of us believe that God loves sinners. LOVES them. Died for them. Made a way for them to be free and love Him back.

But how do we view the sinner who stays messy? Who doesn’t get cleaned up enough to reflect Jesus well?

What does God think of saved people who still look like sinners?

I think most of us are uncertain of how God views us in our messy states. He did so much for me so why can’t I stop sinning…stop being petty…stop being critical…

Applying a Human Lens to God

In our uncertainty, we often fit a human lens over what we believe His perspective is. We apply human emotions and disappointment to a God we may not truly understand.

I wonder if we tend to make Him the size of the Bible we fit into our hands instead of infinitely larger than the expanding universe? But small is safer. How can we relate to a God who is scary powerful?

How can we not humanize Him? What I mean is that we judge ourselves. We judge others. But doesn’t the Bible say not to judge (Matt. 7:1)? So if we struggle with this simple biblical truth, how can we keep from reducing God to our size?

He’s good, but He gets upset (like I do).
He loves but is disappointed and withdraws when I misbehave (the way I treat others).
He doesn’t trust people (it’s safer not to trust).

I wonder if we use our worldview and our experiences to fashion God into a reflection of our humanity rather than getting to know who He really is.

Until we truly get wrecked by the absolute wonder of God’s love for us, we will never feel loved at our core or extend unconditional love to others (Eph. 3:16-19).

If we believe  that God is disappointed with us, then we will focus on the misbehaviors of others rather than their hearts.

God is spirit, we are physical. We focus on what we physically see—-behavior and outcome. But God looks at the heart. Why does this matter? Paul did EVERYTHING perfectly, according to religious law. (Phil 3:4-6) His behavior was impeccable, but Jesus had to wreck him. He didn’t see as Jesus saw. Hence, the scales falling from his eyes.

The Pharisees outward behavior was also impeccable, yet their hearts were so far from God that Jesus said their father was satan himself (John 8:42-44).

Isn’t it time for us to be gentle with ourselves in our process? In this journey into deeper relationship with God?

So how do we get a lens change that enables us to see ourselves through the eyes of love, grace and redemption?

sky-1107952_640We ask God what He sees and how He feels about us when we fall down hard. And we listen to His voice of love.

There may be correction in it, but it always comes with a smile and outstretched arms. He wants to hold us close. He is the Comforter and the Teacher. He can heal us and teach us strategies (or lead us to people with those strategies) to help free us from what snares and entangles. That is the victory that Jesus died to give us.


Father, help me to see with Your eyes, the eyes of love. Teach me how to focus on what is most valuable and eternal. Not my behavior, but my heart and the things in it that prevent me from walking in freedom. Grow in me the hunger for more of You. Teach me how to follow You with my heart so that my behavior will grow into alignment with who You are and who You’ve called me to be. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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  1. Ceci

    I really connected with this and was encouraged. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    • Ceci

      Hi Sherri. Yes…contact me anytime if you need writing prayer. Love you


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