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Leave it to Chance

Single mom of three, Sierra Montgomery is desperate to find a new job to keep from having to move back home and be smothered to death by her mother’s good intentions and overbearing love. So when Sierra inherits Chance, a quirky old gelding she doesn’t have a clue what to do with, she thinks her best bet may be to sell the horse to cover another month’s rent -— a decision that devastates her children.

Enter Ross Morgan, a handsome landscaper who just happens to have an empty barn and fenced pasture … perfect for an old horse to live out his days as the pet of three wounded kids. Ross develops a soft spot for eldest child Braden and he just might have one for Braden’s mother. But what he doesn’t have is time for distractions —— he’s got a landscaping business to run and nursery plants to tend.

But Sierra has a secret. She’s terrified of horses and -— thanks to her past -— wary of attractive men. Yet seeing the way her angry son idolizes Ross and adores that old horse forces Sierra to confront her fears. Will she remain distrustful and self-reliant, or will she seek help from God and those who love her?

Paperback, 361 pages
Published by David C. Cook, May 2008
Sherri Sand is represented by Greg Johnson of WordServe Literary


“…a delightful read, full of enough ups and downs to keep readers cheering for the characters and hoping for a happy ending. Watch for more great novels from Sherri Sand.”
— Lauraine Snelling, author of The Red River of the North Series and BREAKING FREE

“A delightful new voice in Christian fiction. Sherri Sand creates an artful balance of inner struggle and tenderness, warmth and whimsy.”
— Sharon Hinck, author of The Sword of Lyric Series and SYMPHONY OF SECRETS

“Sherri Sand’s characters are likeable, engaging, and approachable. She has crafted a tender, romantic tale about learning to let go of fear and latch onto the love of God.”
— Susan Meissner, author of A WINDOW TO THE WORLD and BLUE HEART BLESSED

Leave It to Chance is a heartwarming story about a mom who has to confront her greatest fear for the sake of her kids. Congrats to Sherri Sand for an inspiring debut!”

“A heartwarming story about a single mother trying to make it on her own against all odds. Leave It to Chance is an excellent debut novel. The characters are so real and so well developed I felt I knew them. Sherri Sand has a way of reaching out and touching the reader’s heart. Look for more from this very talented writer.”
— Barbara Warren, author of DECEPTION and THE GATHERING STORM

“Sherri Sand writes from the heart. Her characters are ones you feel you might even know. Likable single mother Sierra faces fears that every parent can relate to, and her spiritual journey is coupled with hope, romance, and reconciliation. This is a thoroughly enjoyable debut.”
— Eric Wilson, author of FIREPROOF and OCTOBER BABY

Leave it to Chance is a story of renewal, romance, humor, and hope. Readers will enjoy Sherri Sand’s colorful characters as Sierra and her children learn to deal with their heartaches and reach for their dreams-—aided by a wily old horse with a few secrets of his own.”
— Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, author of The Genesis Trilogy

Leave it to Chance has it all—-love and second chances wrapped in grace.”
— Linda Windsor, author of FOR PETE’S SAKE and WEDDING BELL BLUES