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We are the sum of the different experiences and people that enter our lives. So, if you would like a glimpse of what makes me me, just click on the “Read more…” buttons below to view a portion of my life, my story and my family (photos included!).

My Life

I’m a wife and mom. A writer and dreamer. A runner and hiker. And a friend.

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Insecure at times. Overconfident others. I’m a recovering perfectionist who has discovered the gift of a heartfelt apology.

I’ve learned that loving people and accepting their differences broadens your world and makes you a better person. I’ve kicked most of my soapboxes to the curb and try not to stand on the ones I still wrestle with.

Most importantly, I’ve discovered that I am deeply loved by God. His kindness has healed the hurts in my soul.

I wish I could say it was an easy journey. It wasn’t. But it has been a fully satisfying one. My soul feels . . . whole. Healed. Joyful. And I get to wade in peaceful waters.

Not that I don’t yell at my kids when my tank veers toward empty. Life is not always blissful.

But I’ve discovered that Jesus is always near, and he’s never mad at me. Never disappointed.

He loves being with me, even knee-deep in trenches of my own making.

High School Cross Country, 19??

High School Cross Country, 1983

College Graduation, 19??

College Graduation, 1991

My Story

When I was little, Sunday school was felt boards and Bible stories. I loved the fluffy white sheep that clung to the felt behind David, the shepherd.

My Sunday school teacher would smile with certainty as she’d gather the class and ask, “Do you love Jesus?”

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The kids and I would cheer a loud yes, but my heart would sink because I harbored a scary secret.

I didn’t feel any love for God. They were just words on my lips and I was terrified the truth would disqualify me from heaven.

We weren’t taught intimacy with God as we were handed weekly memory verses to hang on the refrigerator. Jesus was a figure to me, but not much more than a dark-bearded figure clinging to the felt board in my Sunday school classroom.

I’ve learned He is so much more. More than I can list here, but in a nutshell He wants to be our friend, our comfort and our savior. The hand that leads us into freedom and hope.

Sherri, Age 3

Sherri, Age 3

Sherri, Age 10

Sherri, Age 10

My Family

Along this journey of mine, I graduated cum laude from the University of Oregon with a degree in Psychology. Then I married a fabulous man and we moved to Germany where he played basketball for a season.

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TDH (tall, dark and handsome, a.k.a. Mat), has loved me, argued with me and held me close for over twenty years. And we have been gifted with four amazing children we love desperately and pray we haven’t driven to therapy. They just roll their eyes when asked if they’ve been hugged and loved enough.

We also have an adorable Jack Russell dog who makes me feel loved and a cat who makes everyone feel insecure.

I love chocolate. I love running and I LOVE a delicious novel.

I live in Northeastern Oregon surrounded by gorgeous mountains and gorgeous sunsets. I hike and snowshoe and I crave solitude. My favorite moments are when TDH gives me the thumbs up to depart our boisterous household and run off to the big city. I get a cozy hotel room where I can read, read, read . . . and eat chocolate.

Sand Family in Coer d'Alene

Sand Family, 2013

Our wedding, June ??, 19??

Our wedding, August, 1992

Spring Break, 20??

Spring Break, 2013