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Kicking Discouragement to the Curb

The other day I received an email with some bummer news regarding a project I’m involved with. The discouragement that settled in the pit of my stomach energized defeat and anxiety to chime in with their two cents. “Why even try?” “Just give up now.” “It’ll take too much effort and there are too many people… Read more »

Fighting the Need to Be Right

It started in the kitchen. My sixteen-year-old daughter was making dinner. We had “traded” chores. I did the dusting and waxing she’d put off for three days and she acquired dinner duty. Fortunately, she likes cooking and is good at it. Unfortunately, this is also where we collide. She’s creative where I’m logical and prefer… Read more »

What Sneaks Into Our Basements

God is big and vast, but how reachable is He? How involved in our lives when it comes to actual situations—–as opposed to the overall big picture? I read in a parenting book one time: You get what you focus on. What we believe to be true influences our speech, body language and interactions with… Read more »

We Are Not Orphans

Are you an orphan or a daughter? An orphan spirit has permeated the Christian community. This spirit causes us to live in lack rather than fullness. We plead for our prayers to be heard and answered, instead of climbing on Daddy’s lap and listening to what Jesus and Holy Spirit are praying into our situation… Read more »

What Makes Us Brave?

Some of us feel brave by coming out of our Christian closets. But there is a battle that comes from an ungodly realm when we step out in faith. Because holding hands with Jesus threatens the demonic. And how does the demonic push back? Intimidation. Fear. Lies that threaten our peace. So, how do we… Read more »

The Three Amigos

Do you want to know who God is to me? How he found me in the darkest places and brought such freedom to my life? Good. I thought you might. I’m thirsty for knowledge and for freedom. I suck up podcasts like a starving person. I could easily be a conference junkie, traveling anywhere and… Read more »

The Great Exchange

Shame steals. It’s insidious. Slimy. It relentlessly seeks any cracks in our core being. Hunting for the fault lines. Nourishing the lies that we aren’t good enough. That our failures define us. It finds those fears and erodes, pushing and wedging itself in deeper and deeper. Feeding the erroneous belief that our happiness is unequivocally… Read more »

For the Love of Money and Cows

God owns the cows on a thousand hills. So we don’t need to worry about money, right? It’s just occasionally we’d like to see more hoof prints on our bank account, no? So, we in the Sand clan live basketball. Live it and breathe it. Because of this, there are many, many pairs of basketball… Read more »

Pride and Injustice in Parenting and Life

Pride and Injustice: The two ditches I often fall into. Unfortunately, pride wears blinders. I know this because I see it in other people. Their flaws are readily apparent. Mine? Not so much. Though my daughter’s hurt becomes a mirror of my verbal tone and words if I will only look.  It’s easier to point… Read more »

Getting Rid of the Blame Monster

I hate being a cranky mom. From there I transform into a blame monster. It started one morning on the drive to school when my fifteen year-old turned to me and asked if I would bring him his basketball shoes before practice. I assumed he’d forgotten his shoes at home, but no, they were sitting… Read more »