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Cracked Foundations

What keeps us from intimacy with God? What keeps us from flowing in His power and kicking the enemy’s hind end out of our lives? I wonder if there are some basic questions we need settled before we can move forward with Him. Here are three that either weaken or strengthen the foundation of our… Read more »

The Pain of Disconnection

Broken relationships don’t have a place in God’s kingdom. They happen, obviously. All the time, unfortunately. Disconnection is from the enemy’s team. Their demonic objective is to steal, kill and destroy. From us, God’s kids. The enemy of our soul is consumed with stealing our joy and peace. Killing our hope and love. And destroying… Read more »

How You Drink Your Coffee

God is desperate to hear from you. His Father’s heart knows no limits. It is unbound by expectations. It is a river flowing from an eternal spring of love. It cries out for connection no matter the age of His child. It longs and hopes for more. God is desperate to hear from us. To have… Read more »

Finding God’s Will

Doctors practice. Attorneys practice. Do Christians get to practice? For much of my life, I’ve lived as a “Christian.” Not so much as a Christ follower. Most likely because I was in the driver’s seat telling Him where we were going. Please, please, please bless this. Please fix this mess. Please give me that job…. Read more »

From Busyness to Breathing

When did busyness take over our lives? Before kids I didn’t need a calendar. Appointments somehow filed themselves away in my gray matter and popped up when needed. The arrival of our first child and then twins, twenty months later, apparently melted my synapses—–probably the lack of sleep—–and I perfected the art of apologizing for… Read more »

Do Thoughts Control Our Emotions?

Are we aware of our thought lives? Remember when we learned to drive? How we nervously sat in the driver’s seat and pulled onto the road for the first time, wondering how on earth we were going to keep the speedometer needle in its legal position, shift, brake, watch for merging traffic and keep the car… Read more »

Finding Peace

Are the burdens that weigh us down the ones we’re supposed to be shouldering? We are a culture saturated with exhausted and stressed out people. And to manage our stress many of us eat or escape into the internet. But is it helping lighten our load? Or does food, shopping or the internet mask our… Read more »

Reframing Love

Some years ago I found myself feeling lost and lonely. I didn’t know that goodness surrounded me, and I certainly didn’t know how to access it. All I knew was that I needed to control those around me. It wasn’t overt (usually) and it wasn’t deliberate. I just thought I could see more clearly than… Read more »

When Life Disappoints

It’s easy to trust God when life runs smoothly. We skip through the flower-laden meadow of our minds, easily declaring God’s goodness. But when difficulty strikes—–a lost job, a wayward child, a hiccup or tornado in our marriages, how do we walk in the truth? In His promises? How do we maintain peace and joy… Read more »

Journey to Redemption

Six years ago we acquired a playful, sandstone-colored ball of inquisitiveness. He’s an indoor cat, a stance I took after our last indoor/outdoor cat had an unfortunate run-in with a passing car. Initially, Hudson wasn’t reconciled to this state of affairs. And after a few tentative ventures onto the front porch (when we failed to shut… Read more »