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Does God Really Want to Know Us?

If we lived in Jesus’ day, who would we have hung out with? The Pharisees or the partiers? Maybe we would say neither, reasoning that we aren’t legalistic, nor of looser values. But Jesus wasn’t legalistic or lacking moral direction. Yet, he hung with the partiers. Why? Because he was drawn to their hungry hearts…. Read more »

Does God Really Care About Our Difficulties?

How much does God care about what we are going through? He sees our difficulties and promises to never abandon or leave us. But do we believe Him or do we believe our emotions? It’s pretty easy for the enemy to manipulate our emotions to feel abandonment and then whisper lies that God doesn’t care. “Because… Read more »

Why Do We Have To Become “Less” For God?

Does God want us to become “less”? How often do well meaning believers say we need to die…we need to become less so God can become more? If He loves us so much that He would go through unimaginable agony to bring us back into relationship with Him, why would He want us to be… Read more »

How Much Does God Care?

How truly interested is God in the daily aspects of our lives? Does He care that the light turned red and we are wasting our time waiting in traffic? Does He root for us in our sporting events? Does He care about the team we’re watching? Or is His attention focused more on ISIS and… Read more »

Where Do We Find Significance?

Why do we struggle to feel significant? I wonder if we lack true understanding of what it means that everything comes from God, goes through Him and goes back to Him (Rom. 11:36). That means everything we need comes from God. And everything God wants for us comes from Him. I think sometimes we believe… Read more »

What Lens Are We Looking (Judging) Through?

What lens do we read the Bible through? And by lens, I mean what belief system? We all have lenses. They’re created by how we perceive the world, what we consider just and how we think others should be treated. There are a myriad of factors that create the lenses we view life through. But… Read more »

How Full Is Our Relationship Tank?

Are we connected to fulfilling relationships, or distant ones? We live in a culture that is moving away from emotional intimacy. Social media allows us to present what we want others to see of ourselves. It doesn’t foster transparency and vulnerability. There are people who come across as being open and honest about themselves and their situations…. Read more »

Loving Others Despite Our Fears

How do we get past our fears to love people? The other day I walked into a business I frequent and waited near another woman. God asked me to tell her that He loved her. I said, “No, not here, Lord. Not in this place where I come so often.” God has asked me to… Read more »

Why Don’t We Live As Overcomers?

If we are designed to be overcomers, why aren’t we? I think there are many reasons. One that comes to mind is how we choose to view ourselves and others. I’ve gone through a rough patch lately where I haven’t felt connected to God. No sense of His presence. No joy. No real peace. It crept… Read more »

What Keeps Us From Slowing Down?

What drives us? Do we slow down enough to discover how we feel when there aren’t any “to do” lists staring at us? Most of us are so busy we never discover how we feel at rest. Or we unconsciously know that to be still means anxiety or stress start stirring inside, so we never… Read more »