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How Much Does God Care?

coffee-1322869_640How truly interested is God in the daily aspects of our lives?

Does He care that the light turned red and we are wasting our time waiting in traffic? Does He root for us in our sporting events? Does He care about the team we’re watching?

Or is His attention focused more on ISIS and the abandoned and starving in the world?

I think He cares about both. Not because professional sports and the atrocities perpetuated by ISIS are anywhere on the same level of importance.

He cares about us. He sees us, He knows us. He engineered the dreams in our hearts.

He wants us to partner with Him in the things we are passionate about.

When you love someone, you care about every aspect of them.

When you bring coffee to your sweetheart, don’t you carefully doctor it with their favorite flavored creamer and just the right amount of sugar? And doesn’t the look on their face when you surprise them with it bless you and expand your heart connection with them?

Does that mean you care less about the sins committed against humanity because you care about the details in the life of the one you love?

I think too often we try to make it an either/or prospect with God.

There are people in one camp who say God doesn’t care about the details…that He’s more concerned with social, political and world issues.

There are other people who won’t make a move unless they ask God first. They are afraid of displeasing Him, so petition Him for every choice they make…big and small.

I wonder if people in the first camp don’t understand their importance to God. I don’t think it’s so much that people in that camp think He’s limited. It’s that they don’t understand His heart. That He is passionate about us. What we care about. What we think about. How well we understand His love for us.

And people in the second camp trip into operating under a religious spirit, fearful of making a mistake and displeasing Him. They may not understand that sometimes God is asking with a grin of anticipation, “What do you want to do? And let’s do that together!”

I may be going out on a limb here, but I believe that everything becomes spiritual when you’re fully connected to God.

summerfield-336672_640I’m married whether my husband is with me or not. So I can approach life with him in mind, so my choices reflect my love for him.

Or I can live within our marriage as I were single, dismissing the importance of our connection.

God cares about both the big and small issues of this world and of our lives (Matt. 10:29-31), but He wants to work through us and through our relationship with Him to impact these issues with love.


Father, help me to understand You in a deep and intimate way. I want to know Your love and experience Your heart for me and for world issues. Teach me how to grow closer to You. Take me deeper into Your heart. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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