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Just How Good is God’s Goodness to Us?

sky-925197_640Maybe the question should be: Do we expect God’s goodness in our lives?

Our answer gives us a hint to whether we think His goodness towards us is dependent on our goodness to Him. So many of us think God’s blessings hinge on whether we do the right things.

Graham Cooke shares about a time in His life when he was being rebellious toward God and yet God kept blessing him. It was driving him crazy so he finally said, “God, you know I’m being rebellious. Why do you keep blessing me?”

God replied, “This is who I am, get used to it.” That moment broke Graham and brought him to the end of himself and back into Jesus’ arms.

I’m not making a theological point that we can do whatever we want and be assured of blessing. What I love in that story is seeing the nature of God. His goodness.

God knew the way to Graham’s heart was not through punishment, but through His nature.

Is it possible that we may not see God’s nature because our perspective of Him is clouded by lies? And when we believe lies about ourselves or about God we open doors to the enemy’s torment, like clouds that block out the sun?

My very first plane ride was to New York City on a foggy, rainy day in December. Once the plane climbed above the clouds my fourteen-year-old brain was shocked to see the sun shining brilliantly above fluffy white clouds.

I wonder if that’s how we live sometimes. With demonic entities speaking lies to our minds of stress, fear or anger. Our agreement brings a cloud cover that blocks out the light and truth and goodness of God.

We may not catch the lies bringing fear or offense at first glance:

  • How will we pay the bills this month?
  • He never does what he says he will.
  • I’m stuck in a dead end job.
  • College is so expensive, how will my kids ever succeed?

How can we identify the lie when there may seem to be a good chuck of truth to it? Bill Johnson says it best, “Any thought you have that doesn’t inspire hope is under the influence of a lie.” Which kingdom are our thoughts in alignment with? Alignment with God’s kingdom keeps us in joy and peace and hope (Gal. 5:22-23). When we aren’t alignment we can ask God to show us the lie. Sometimes it’s obvious. Fear is one of the biggest lies we fall prey to.

To walk in freedom, we need only break agreement with the lying spirit and release it. (i.e. “I break agreements with fear and release it. I choose to stand firm with God as my Victor.”) We have the authority when we are connected to Jesus to send lies packing.

Last night it occurred to me that my fifteen year old had been inordinately tired lately. Exhaustion covered his expression and had for a couple days. As Mat and I drove home from a late dinner, I mentioned it to him and just prayed a simple prayer commanding the assignment of exhaustion be broken off him.

man-888591_640When we got him, I went to my son’s room and asked how he was doing. His expression looked refreshed and he said he was doing a lot better. I asked when he started feeling better. He thought for a moment and said, “Right now.”

Amazing how a simple prayer, walking in our authority as sons and daughters of the Most High King, sends the enemy fleeing.

We don’t have to beg God to fix things. We are no longer orphans, but cherished children, walking with all the authority of our beloved Papa.


Dad, I want to walk in deeper intimacy with you. Deep in your heart. I want to understand the mysteries of Your kingdom. Teach me about the authority You’ve given me and how to take back the ground the enemy has stolen in my life and in my family’s lives. I want to walk as a victorious overcomer in Your kingdom, Papa. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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    • Sherri Sand

      I’m so happy to have met you Christina! God has great things in store for you!!

  1. Tanya Stolt

    I recently came across your blog and love it. The first one I read had some intriguing thoughts that I wanted to ponder more and now I can’t find them. Can you help me out. The thoughts were about how we can feel guilt about thinking about ourselves (or taking care of ourselves) and about it being ok to disagree and also about. Where on your blog was that. Can you help? Thanks! Tanya Stolt


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