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Does God Point Out Our Sins?

Does the Spirit of God point out our sins or does He call us deeper into Him? My experience of Jesus is that He calls us deeper. When you go deep into God’s heart, when you hunger for more of His presence and pursue intimacy with Him, those things that don’t belong start falling off…. Read more »

Can the Bible Meet Our Needs?

Can scripture fulfill our need to connect with God? I grew up in a Bible-based church. I had a lot of scripture in my head—–God is love. God is good. It’s the kindness of God that leads to repentance. But I felt like an imposter. I looked and sounded like a good Christian, but I… Read more »

Can We Know God?

How well can we know God? The other night I was driving home and as I flipped on the Christian station, I started thinking about how I often feel a religious spirit on many Christian products and radio stations. I love Christian music and I love Christian products. What I’m talking about is the spirit… Read more »

How Do We Love the World?

What do we do when our Christian values collide with the world’s? Last weekend, the hubs and I went away for a little R&R. We live in a rural area so had to drive a couple hours to get more metropolitan. After one full day, we were starving. All the nice eateries were closed except one…. Read more »

Does God Love Those That Oppose Him?

I lack love. Do you? During this election season I have had thoughts and emotions that are not reflective of my belief system. I’m so sorry for that. How do we impact a nation, a city, a community when we focus on where we are “right” and others are “wrong?” Where is Jesus in that?… Read more »

Are We Influenced By Demons?

How do we walk connected to God’s goodness? There are basic truths we agree on when we become a Jesus follower. But beyond that security, what promises from Him are unfulfilled in our lives? And why? How do we grab hold and walk in the freedom, the joy, the fullness that is supposed to be… Read more »

Does Prayer Matter?

What is prayer exactly? And does it really matter if we pray? Does it change the outcome of anything? I think there are two paths to prayer, and the one we choose is determined by how we view God. I grew up being afraid to ask my dad for anything. Afraid that he’d get irritated. He… Read more »

Is It Okay To Love Yourself?

How well do we love ourselves? The recurring battle of my mind is with accusation. The enemy is stealthy and as soon as he sees a vulnerable moment, he slings an arrow toward my heart (Eph 6:16). The accusations are against my value as a mom and my worth as a person—-that usually circles back to… Read more »

How Good is God’s Goodness, Really?

What is God’s desire for your life? Hardship, so you learn lessons? Or punishment for willful disobedience? How many of us are ensnared by condemnation because we’ve done things we knew not to do? We wrestle with wondering how God can forgive us for something we knowingly chose. Is the issue really about God’s forgiveness…or… Read more »

What Makes God Happy?

What makes God happy? Many of us might say it’s our good behavior. That would be true if God subscribed to our reward-based system. In our world, free gifts come with hidden agendas. God doesn’t need what this world has to offer. He is not motivated by money, or power or acclaim. So what is He… Read more »