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How Do We Love the World?

goats-173940_640What do we do when our Christian values collide with the world’s?

Last weekend, the hubs and I went away for a little R&R. We live in a rural area so had to drive a couple hours to get more metropolitan.

After one full day, we were starving. All the nice eateries were closed except one. As we weren’t in the mood for fast food, we pulled into the parking lot.

The woman behind the hostess station took us to our table and it was all we could do to keep our jaws off the floor. In shock, we then met our waitress and did our level best to keep our eyes above her shoulders.

This place was Hooters on steroids and lace. With less coverage. No kiddin’.

At this point it’s pretty easy to be judgmental. To wonder how someone could let themselves be ogled and objectified. To judge the proprietors for misusing a woman’s body for profit.

When I stepped off my high horse, I asked God if he had anything for our young waitress. I felt His compassion and love for her.

As she took our payment, I told her we were Christians and we felt like God brought us there just for her. Vulnerability peeked through her expression as we told her how much God loved her and valued her and was always with her.

How Do We Love the World?

Some of us consider going into a bar or other worldly establishments as nearly committing a sin. But Jesus told us to go out into the world and preach the gospel (Mark 16:15). Not partake of the world. Not preach at people. But go find them and love them.

If we lived in that city, I would be eating in that establishment weekly and loving on those girls.

But we have to carry love, not judgment if we want to have an impact in their lives. We can’t judge secretly in our hearts and put on the “Christian” smile. The one that says, “I don’t approve of what you’re doing, sweetie, but Jesus loves you. And I do too (kinda). And I’ll love you even more once you change your behavior.”

The world can sense the conditional love of our hearts. They are looking for love and acceptance. So if we can love and accept them in their sin, Jesus has an opportunity to draw them out of it. (Rom. 2:4)

We really need to get free from the lie that loving people in their sin is pretty much telling them we accept the sin or condone it.

What is our fear there? That if we are seen loving sinners we’re going to be judged as sinners?

Actually, we will be. Jesus was…and He was judged by the church of the day.

balloon-1373161_640Soooo, are we going to follow in His footsteps and risk ruining our reputations for love, or are we going to play it safe?

And if you have an issue with lust or alcohol, don’t walk into that lion’s den. Use wisdom to know your area of authority.

Ask God who He wants you to shower some love on. It may just be you. Loving others comes most easily when we love ourselves.


Father, show me the lost ones. The ones that need Your touch. Help me to love myself well, so I love others well. Remove judgment from my heart and help me to see others as You do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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2 Responses to “How Do We Love the World?”

  1. Brent C. Gyllenberg

    Difficult scenarios for the committed Christian. Judge not lest ye be judged and abstain from all sight of evil. If we all support such an establishment, many more will follow the market strategy. Going to chew on this for a while, again. Jesus met people, ministered, and remained pure. Loved and lived among us pointing out sin without condemning. Where are your accusers? Now, go and sin no more. Thanks for making me think.

  2. Kim Barry

    Wow, Sherri, I love your heart! Your intimacy with the Lord shines through with wisdom and insight!

    I bless you sister, continue to run with Him and share with us 🙂


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