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Letting the Old Nature Stay Dead

plant“People live in their old nature, not understanding the new.”

God spoke that to me today as He reminded me to press into Him during a battle. He said, “Lies are going to be flying your way. Take authority and cast them down. Laugh at them. The enemy is a liar and a false accuser. He drums up the past. That is illegal. Your past is dead and buried in the blood of Jesus.”

Satan immobilizes the army of God through regret.
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Stepping Into Peace

PenguinsI’ve been living with a difficult situation. Feeling the brunt of rejection. The backlash of fervent disagreement.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart.

God is the answer to all life’s problems, right? Or is He?

He says He is the Prince of Peace. Our redeemer, our sustenance, our reward and inheritance. Our provision.

So, if He is all He promises, how come we struggle so much? Why is there such a lack of hope and joy in the Christian community? Smiling facades, but no inner peace. Read More…

We Are Not Orphans

desolation []-6019231071_4Are you an orphan or a daughter?

An orphan spirit has permeated the Christian community. This spirit causes us to live in lack rather than fullness.

We plead for our prayers to be heard and answered, instead of climbing on Daddy’s lap and listening to what Jesus and Holy Spirit are praying into our situation
(Rom 8:34, Rom 8:26). And then joining in with those prayers. Read More…

Loving Instead of Judging


Who are the wicked? Who are the lost? I’ve been mulling over this question for a couple of weeks. Pondering Jesus’ behavior so I can better walk in those shoes of His.

But then I started thinking about Him rebuking the Pharisees (John 8:37-54). I know a handful of people who carry a pretty heavy Pharisaical spirit.

Would Jesus rebuke them?

I see them feeling proud of their own righteousness and judging others whose choices would make you wince. So what separates these modern day Pharisees from the ones of Jesus’ day?

Is pride the difference? The Pharisees of ancient Jerusalem came across as arrogant, self-seeking and jealous. They knew the law and claimed Abraham as their father but Jesus said their father was the devil
(John 8:37-39,44). Wow! Pretty bold. Read More…

Laughing With God

laughing []-13046970373_4Have you ever heard God laugh? Do you want to?

Do you want to experience the sweet sound of utter delight that comes from a parent thoroughly in love with His child? You.

Or the fierce sound of a Warrior laughing in the face of His enemies when we dwell in the shelter of the Most High (Psalm 91:1)?

I’ve heard both. And I want to hear more. All the nuances of His humor. His delight. His pleasure with His creation. His pleasure in us. Read More…

Our Search For Significance

[]-3804259707_4Fear rules most of mankind.

Fear of failing. Fear of rejection. Fear of judgment. Fear of lacking value or of leaving no lasting impact in this world. That our footprints will be so insignificant, they will slowly fade into nothingness with the passage of time.

We want to matter. We want to be known, to be seen. To have a voice. To be given significant space in someone’s life so we experience their world brightening when we walk into it.

How much do we experience the joy and fullness of life versus struggling to keep our heads and our hearts above water?

Does joy tease us out of bed in the morning, or does dread weigh us down before the alarm quits its buzzing? Read More…

What Makes Us Brave?

Mountain ID-10035848Some of us feel brave by coming out of our Christian closets. But there is a battle that comes from an ungodly realm when we step out in faith. Because holding hands with Jesus threatens the demonic.

And how does the demonic push back? Intimidation. Fear. Lies that threaten our peace.

So, how do we combat that? How do we learn to live in perfect peace? The Word says, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” (Isaiah 26:3)

But what if we don’t? Trust Him, that is? Read More…

Why Do We Run From God?

lonely nights wear on []-6889299919_4So, the other morning I was pondering this week’s blog. What were God and I going to write? Nothing was coming to mind, so I grabbed my journal and asked. This is how it went:

Me:  What do you want to blog about this week?

God:  Intimacy. The lies that hinder My people from drawing near to Me.

Me:  What are the lies?

God:  That I don’t approve of their choices. What they don’t understand is, they make those choices out of a sense of desolation and loss. They try to fill the lonely places inside with things: people, spending, secret gambling habits, boyfriends, sex. Read More…

God Is Not Disappointed With You!

atada []-3770932290_4I had an interesting conversation with my daughter last night. She struggles with the fear of rejection. The fear that if people really know her, they won’t like her. Yeah, that apple didn’t roll too far from the tree–—that was my biggest fear for years.

She also believed she should be ashamed of her wrong behavior. That feeling bad shows you really understand the depth of your error. And she believed that God gets angry with her over her poor choices.

So I shared with her a dream I had several years ago in which God spoke three questions:

1)   Does God get disappointed with you?

2)   What was the purpose of the cross?

3)  Was God’s purpose for the cross fulfilled?

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Sinner or Saint?

Portrait in Darkness []-3289448299_4How often has it been spoken by well-intentioned people, that we are sinners saved by grace? How often have we proudly proclaimed, “I’m a sinner, saved by grace!”

The problem with that belief (in its present tense form) is that it is in error. It is not Biblical. It has become a tradition of men, birthed, most likely, out of a false sense of humility.

And understandably so. We look at God’s holiness and majesty and then look at ourselves and don’t in any way want to presume to be like Him. We, Christians, tend to be afraid of truly embracing the freedom of the Good News for fear of looking haughty or prideful. Read More…