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Our Search For Significance

[]-3804259707_4Fear rules most of mankind.

Fear of failing. Fear of rejection. Fear of judgment. Fear of lacking value or of leaving no lasting impact in this world. That our footprints will be so insignificant, they will slowly fade into nothingness with the passage of time.

We want to matter. We want to be known, to be seen. To have a voice. To be given significant space in someone’s life so we experience their world brightening when we walk into it.

How much do we experience the joy and fullness of life versus struggling to keep our heads and our hearts above water?

Does joy tease us out of bed in the morning, or does dread weigh us down before the alarm quits its buzzing?

Is this all there is? Or were we meant for more? And if so, how do we get the more? How do we live in a place of unspeakable joy when the pressures of life and disappointing relationships keep tripping us to our knees?

There is more. There is SO much more.

For you.

Because you are loved. And valued. And wept over by the One who sees everything. Sees the pain. Sees the mistakes that bring waves of shame at the memories of those choices.

He sees you. And He smiles. With open arms.

Can you feel His laughter rumbling through His chest as He sweeps you into His arms? Arms that can’t wait to hold you and snuggle you close?

His breath warm on your face as He whispers His delight in you?

You were made to be loved. And what others may throw away, He cherishes.

Free Souls[ has so many secrets He wants to share with you. Plans for your life (Jer. 29:11). How much He delights in you
(Psalm 147:11). He just wants to be with you. Resting. Talking. Sharing. Listening. All for you.

Did you know He sang over you while you slept last night?
(Zeph. 3:17) And He will again tonight.

Did you know that God thinks about you constantly? So much that His thoughts about you are too many to count?
(Psalm 40:5).

Will you give Him a chance? Will you ask Him to reveal Himself to you?

Even if you already know Him, will you ask Him for more of Himself? To go to deeper places in Him? And with Him?

He wants to know you and be known by you.

He’s inviting you to place your hand in His and let him lead you on a journey deep into His heart. Will you say yes?

Tell Me How You Feel

Where does the search for significance lead you?

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