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Why Do We Run From God?

lonely nights wear on []-6889299919_4So, the other morning I was pondering this week’s blog. What were God and I going to write? Nothing was coming to mind, so I grabbed my journal and asked. This is how it went:

Me:  What do you want to blog about this week?

God:  Intimacy. The lies that hinder My people from drawing near to Me.

Me:  What are the lies?

God:  That I don’t approve of their choices. What they don’t understand is, they make those choices out of a sense of desolation and loss. They try to fill the lonely places inside with things: people, spending, secret gambling habits, boyfriends, sex.

They make idols out of things they lust after and then avoid Me out of shame or rebellion. They don’t want to give up something that is filling a need. That is helping them survive.

They want to feel. They long for hope and fulfillment. But when their thoughts stray to Me they experience shame and guilt and an overriding sense of condemnation. So they move away from thinking of Me.

The burden of shame is what they are trying to escape. And they associate Me with shame, because they are judging their behavior and life choices against a standard of perfection they see Me as expecting them to adhere to.

They have forgotten or have been taught wrongly or haven’t truly experienced My overwhelming love for them. But I don’t draw them to Myself so I can perfect their behavior.

Do you call your kids near so you can go over a list of their misdeeds or do you draw them close because you want to enjoy them? Laugh with them. Look into their eyes as they tell you about their day, their interests, their disappointments and achievements.

My goal with My children is relationship. Connection. Fun. Laughter. Enjoyment of each other’s presence.

Why do they think I look at them and see sin? Who has told them they are sinful and bad? No wonder they avoid Me. They don’t know Me or understand My ways.

If they did, they would run to Me, throw themselves on My lap. Show Me their skinned knees, tell Me about their new promotion at work, the deer they almost hit on their drive home, the fight they got into with their spouse.

our angel girl 947393_23577882I am an ear of compassion, a heart of love and arms of comfort. I want to be their resource of wisdom and problem solving.

I want them to see me as an Ear and a Heart.

An ear that wants to hear all their woes and struggles, successes and victories. And a heart that longs to love them and pour out My wisdom upon them. I am full of laughter and compassion and I want to share in their lives.

Tell them this. Ask them to talk to Me without fear. Without the burden of shame breathing down their necks. I long for more with them. I’m tired of skin deep relationship. I want to hold their hands, wrap an arm around their shoulders. Whisper words of love and encouragement in their ears.

Tell them I am waiting. And they have nothing to fear.

Tell Me How You Feel

What lies hinder you from a closer relationship with God?

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