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Who Are We Walking With?

2580085025_7f1cc8d205_zHow do we know which kingdom we are walking in?

This morning TDH (tall, dark and handsome) had to talk me off the ledge.

I had worked myself into a lather over the responsibilities of parenting. So many things on our radar—–SAT tests, scholarship research, college admissions—–and that’s my short list.

What is my responsibility and what is theirs? How do I guide and help them succeed without hijacking their journey and opportunity for growth, which often comes through failure and mistakes?

After TDH encouraged me to take a slow, deep breath, I was ready to listen.

“You’ve got to guard your mind.”

Ah, yes. Those sage words that Paul wrote to the Corinthians (2 Cor. 10:5).

I was letting my mind fly away with every worry and fear that was launched from the enemy’s camp. And also agreeing that if any of these steps weren’t completed perfectly, I would somehow be at fault.

So I handed control the car keys and let him drive. Did you catch that? Fear births control and completely stomps peace into the dirt, and then we find ourselves micromanaging the lives of those around us.


Choosing Who to Walk With

Then TDH said, “If we are not walking with Jesus, then who are we walking with?”

Put that way, I wanted to yank those car keys back and hand them to Jesus.

It hadn’t occurred to me that when I step into fear and control that I’m actually partnering with the enemy of God. I’ve wrapped my arm with his and hurry along, nodding to his every whisper of darkness—–fear, worry, anger, unforgiveness—–whatever it is we haven’t nailed to the cross.

You see, when we nail what Jesus has already paid for, then He gives us a gift in return. A gift that exactly fits what we need for our circumstances: peace, hope patience—–precisely what we need to come through victoriously.

When we look back upon the path we’ve recently traveled, do we see signs of Jesus?

Do we see glimpses of his peace and hope resting on our difficulties, His hand on our marriage, His kindness on our failures? Or do we see the smelly carcasses of fear and worry or anger and hopelessness scattered like a train wreck across our lives?

Sometimes we have to contend for those gifts.

We have to fight the battle the enemy brings to the doorstep of our minds. We have to tell fear that perfect love lives in our hearts (1 John 4:18). Tell hopelessness that God is a shield about us and there is no room for its lies
(Psalm 3:2-6). Tell unforgiveness that we will not harbor its poison any longer because God has forgiven us so much (Col. 3:13).

But for the truth and promises of scripture to begin working in our lives, we have to know the promise Keeper. Otherwise, we are quoting words. Powerful words that lose their ability to transform when we don’t know the heart of their Creator.

love-699480_640If I didn’t know Mat, but decided to run around telling everyone that he loves me, there would be no power in those words. No life changing hope or joy.

But when I know that Mat would die for me, that he sacrifices for me daily, that his sole desire behind loving Jesus is to love me well, I hold that knowledge with a deep reverence and honor. I am cherished. It doesn’t matter if my boss disrespects me because the person who truly knows me, deeply loves and respects me. His opinion, his words, his view of my world have tremendous meaning to me.

God desperately wants us to know that He cherishes us and desires an intimate relationship with us beyond anything that man can give.


Father, help me to become aware of what I’m taking on that is not of You. Reveal thoughts that keep me trapped in unhealthy mindsets and reasoning. Teach me how to give these thoughts back to You and think what You are thinking. Show me how to receive Your rest and peace. I want to walk in the fullness of who You are in my life. Thank you! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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