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What Is It Like To Truly Experience God’s Love?

flower-887443_640Have you truly experienced God’s love?

I mean, have you felt His pleasure in you? Just for being you?

Not because you purchased someone’s groceries, or gave up your seat on the bus, or let an injustice slide past without picking up an offense.

Has your heart experienced the pleasure of Him smiling over you?

When we experience His love, we can’t help but smile at everyone around us. We can’t contain the love filling us and it spills over as joy onto others.

What would it be like if we walked through life feeling God’s pleasure and love for us? Even when we messed up?

Of course, we won’t always feel His love in an experiential way. But sometimes the knowing creates the experience.

When TDH (tall, dark and handsome) smiles at me with his love showing through, I feel that love. When he’s not around, just thinking about him and his love for me creates an experience of his love. My heart warms and I can’t wait to see him.

Unlike anyone else in our lives, God and His love are always with us.

God’s Love Is Always With Us

Recently, I was sitting in a gym waiting for my son’s basketball game to start and realized I hadn’t had a meaningful conversation with God all week (to steal a quote from Graham Cooke). Suddenly, I felt enveloped by His love.

We can live from His presence with the confidence of His constant love and acceptance, regardless of our faithfulness or faithlessness (2 Tim. 2:13).

A mindset that tells us we aren’t worthy to live from that place is instilled in us from the enemy’s camp to steal the standing God purchased for us (Eph. 3:12).

What if we took Him at His word (from His Word) and tried living from a place of complete acceptance and love?

What would that look like? The picture I get is of a toddler secure in her parent’s love.

When a toddler is scared, hungry or upset from being disciplined, what do they want? They reach for the comfort of a parent’s love. They anticipate and expect comfort, acceptance and love, even from the hand of loving discipline.

What would it take for us to rest in the confidence and security of our Daddy God’s love?

Maybe an adjustment away from how we’ve humanized God’s emotions and reactions.

Often we anticipate His anger, disappointment and judgment over our behavior. Forgetting He’s already dealt with our past. Our sin—–past, present, and future—–is outside of time. Already dealt with (Rev. 13:8). Forgotten and washed away by very precious blood.

person-731243_640We’ve been forgiven and placed in Jesus (Gal. 3:26, 27). The safest place we can be.

Jesus has won the victory for us. But we have to discover how to apply it to our lives and break free from habits of unbelief and bondages that keep us locked into fear. It’s the only way for us to walk in our destiny as overcomers.

Imagine how we would walk in if we broke free from the enemy’s shame and guilt, and instead lived from the victory and freedom God purchased for us.


Father, please reveals the lies and unbelief that have become entrenched in my thinking. So much so that I don’t notice or question what is contrary to Truth. Teach me who I am to You and how to walk and live as an Overcomer in the Kingdom of Light. Your Kingdom of Truth, and Love, and Justice. Make Your ways known in my life. Bring low the mountains and raise up the valleys and straighten my path so I can walk in Your freedom of grace and truth
(Isaiah 40:4). In Jesus’ name, amen.

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2 Responses to “What Is It Like To Truly Experience God’s Love?”

  1. Melody Shirtcliff

    Thank You, very helpful as I let go of fear entrenched by years of conditioning.
    I am loved regardless………

    • Sherri Sand

      Yes! Always! My goal is catch the entrenched lies and to live in that place of love and acceptance!


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