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The Path To Freedom

Tiger - An Argument stockpholioWhat battle are you fighting?

With yourself? Are you beating yourself up over your bad choices, your forgetfulness, your lack of measuring up?

Or with others? Their stupidity, insensitivity and thoughtlessness or just because they lack kindness toward us?

We had a rough situation over the weekend. An unexpected rejection. Came from nowhere, from someone completely unexpected.

First, there’s the initial pain——-that arrow that penetrates your heart. Then, as your mind scrambles to make sense of the situation, scrolling through all the possible blunders on your part, offense comes slithering up.

Its talons massage your brain, sending in poisonous messages. “She is the problem. She always does this. She has never been safe.” Jerking you from one ditch (beating yourself up) to the other (attacking someone else).

Two Ditches

I’m sure you’re as familiar as I am with these ditches. I’ve nearly earned a doctorate in both. I could get down on myself until I wanted to wither into nothingness. And as for becoming the victim and going on the rampage, I was the mast-ah, grasshopper. (These rants were primarily confined to my mind——-and oh, the conversations I had. I always won, of course. I can be incredibly witty when I’m the only one listening).

Our mind can take us to unprofitable places when we don’t reel in our thoughts (2 Cor. 10:5). Down a slippery path of offense, whose favorite buddies are judgment and bitterness.

It’s sad, really, because the true enemy slips under the radar, destroying relationships and peace of mind.

Yes, his name is satan and his motivations are made clear in John 10:10. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. This applies not only to our physical bodies, but to our peace, our relationships, and our finances to name a few.

Our struggle is against him, not people. And not ourselves (Ephesians 6:12). We have bought into a huge lie.

 Two Truths

Did you know there is a difference between God’s truth and satan’s “truth?” The two can look similar at times, but God’s truth brings us into freedom and satan’s “truth” snares us and slowly moves us toward depression, despair, bitterness . . . basically death to all that is good, because only God is good (Mark 10:18) and satan hates all that God is.

God recently showed me this about satan and his version of “truth”:  The enemy will try to distract us, speaking his lies very loudly. This is part of his scheme, to keep us from walking in who God has created us to be.

These lies will seem legitimate because we’ve heard them so many times: “you’re not good enough; not smart enough; not gifted enough.” And their familiarity gives them credibility. But they are rubbish.

Satan will take a speck of truth, then cloud it with confusion and a lie to get us to swallow it whole. The speck of truth is the worm on the hook to snare us into the lie.

path []-2633608171_4Path To Freedom

The path to freedom is to ask Holy Spirit to reveal the lies and show us His truth. How He sees us, even in the midst of the chaos in our lives. You will be encouraged because He loves you so much.

If you’re not sure how to pray, just give him your heart, your fears, and your desire for healing and freedom. Talk to him like a friend
(John 15:15).

If you want help priming the prayer pump, here’s a prayer to get you started:

Abba Father, forgive me for believing lies about myself and others. Show me Your ways. Give me Your eyes to see people through Your grace and mercy. Help me to love myself as You do, so I can love others freely. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Tell Me How You Feel

What lies have you been believing?

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2 Responses to “The Path To Freedom”

  1. Kody Justus

    This post or blog really hits home with where I have been the last month or so. I’m do not get as much sleep as usual this time of year because of checking on calving cows. And I seem to remember some of these same feelings last year. I realized that some people around me are holding measuring sticks up to my commitment to the Lord. This makes me bitter as I know from experience that no matter how hard I try I will never live up to the unrealistic standards of men. And at almost the same time I am disgusted with myself as I am guilty of trying to please men or have them think highly of me rather than focus on my relationship with my father in Heaven.

    • Sherri Sand

      That’s a good word. We all fight those thoughts. So good to be reminded to get back to focusing on our relationship with Abba.


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