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Is it Prideful to Think We Are Amazing?

galaxy-10994_640Are we God’s most amazing creation?

We are. The Bible tells us this over and over. But do we see ourselves as amazing?

I think we often minimize our greatness because we don’t want to become arrogant, or come across as prideful.

We don’t want to get puffed up by self.

But when we recognize that we are amazing because of who made us, how can that be pride of self?

Thousands of tourists travel each year to see the Sistine Chapel and the Statue of David. They stand in awe and marvel at the beauty of these masterpieces.

If these works of art could talk, would they shrug and argue that they weren’t that great? Would they lessen their magnificence so as to not appear conceited?

Or would they proclaim truth? “You bet! I am amazing, because the master saw greatness where others saw a barren ceiling or a dull chunk of marble. My master saw me and called me forth. He sketched/painted/chiseled me into the greatness you see here.”

Why would we ever lessen the brilliance of God by minimizing the greatness of His most valued creation—–us?

And how could we ever begin to believe that we aren’t utterly captivating and intoxicating when Jesus lives inside us? And we are being changed from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:18)?

If God is amazing (and He is), then everything He touches and creates is going to be magnificent (Gen. 1:31).

Yes, there has been corruption to His creation, but Jesus redeemed that at the cross. And we get to work out our shortcomings in His presence. He doesn’t look at us and cringe, He looks at us and beams with delight and wonder.

God is in awe of us. (Not in the sense that we are greater than Him, but in the sense of wonder and heart expanding love.) And He made all the beauty that surrounds us for us.

Don’t you love blessing your kids with gifts? God gave you that desire, because it’s His desire to lavish His kids with all of His goodness. What we feel as parents is what He feels toward us. sunset-476465_640It begins with Him (James 1:17, Rom. 11:36).

Everything God created He called good. The fall corrupted God’s creation, but Jesus broke the curse so we can be restored. And who is the Restorer of our souls? Jesus.

When we stay connected to the Master, the created never looks anywhere but to Him for their value. He is incredibly amazing, and we are our Father’s kids.

Made in His image, we are amazing (Gen. 1:26)


Jesus, thank you that I am Your amazing creation. Thank you for the good news that You look at me and marvel. You delight in giving me good things, loving me with fullness and abundance, and redeeming all the junk that my choices and others’ choices have brought to my life. Help me to see myself and others as You do. In Jesus name, amen.

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