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Storming the Enemy

4963774666_a163824ac7_zHow do we handle painful situations?

Too often we seek the Holy Spirit’s comfort, even as we embrace the enemy’s lies.

Letting the enemy lie and steal, while waiting for God to swoop in and rescue us from our situations.

But God’s already shown a light on our path:

  • We have to reject the lies (2 Cor. 10:5).
  • We have to embrace truth and fight to keep standing on it, despite our circumstances
    (1 Tim. 6:12).
  • We have to practice thinking good, true and lovely thoughts. God is in those thoughts (Phil. 4:8).
  • We invite the Spirit of truth into our situation by the words we think and speak (James 3:9-10).
  • We have to stand firm on the promises God has given us. (1 Cor. 16:13).

Getting Cleaned Up!

We bought our kids river rafting tubes last summer. Right away, one of the tubes developed a hole. I’ve never gotten along well with patching kits. Mat is patient and thoroughly cleans and dries and scuffs up the area that requires the patch.

Me? I’m in a hurry. I want to stick the dog gone patch on and get back to our fun.

But that’s not how a patch adheres long term—-because you have to clean the surface. You have to remove every bit of dirt and residue to make the surface sparkly clean for the patch to hold.

Likewise, we have to reject the enemy’s lies before God’s truths can stick and be activated in our hearts.

We can’t hold onto the lie with one hand and truth with the other.

Our unbelief limits God’s power in our lives (Mark 6:5-6, Matt. 13:58). We have to decide where we are going to live. With doubt or with the Spirit? (Zech. 4:6)

When we truly understand that God means what he wrote to us in the Word, that there is power in declaring His truth into our circumstances, then we change the atmosphere we live under.

The Unseen Battle

You want to know why? Because we are in an unseen battle. And as long as we let the enemy slink into our homes and set up camp without challenging him in the least, we are going to be slimed with anger, frustration, resentments, irritations, depression, despair, fighting, selfishness and hopelessness.

Because each one of those “emotions” is actually a demonic entity sent on assignment against you. Against me. Against our kids, our marriages, our co-workers.

And the enemy is so crafty at staying hidden that we accept what is slung at us as “normal.” Just life.

9187647710_a123b36c6b_zWe have to get washed in the blood of Jesus. We need to repent (get cleaned up) for agreeing with things that aren’t true. And we get to start declaring life and truth and freedom into what the world would call hopeless situations and then watch what God begins to do in our hearts.

Because God’s truth trumps any natural circumstance we walk in.

Are we going to walk in unbelief and doubt for our situation? Or are we going to find out what our assignment is and start declaring God’s goodness into it and over ourselves. Are we going to start tearing down strongholds that have come against our families? (2 Cor. 10:4-5).

As Graham Cooke says, “The battle is ours to lose.” Meaning, the battle has already been won for us. The only way we lose is to lay our weapons down and let the enemy walk over us.

Wouldn’t you rather meet your enemy with your sword raised high and watch Jesus step up behind him and wink at you, saying, “I’ve got this.”


Father, take me to deeper levels of understanding. Help me to run to You, and declare Your truths into life’s difficulties. Give me eyes to see my circumstances as You do, and laugh at the enemy’s lies. Teach me to live by the higher truth of Your reality and not give into what the enemy is trying to tell me about my circumstances. Grow and deepen my faith and my belief in You and Your abilities. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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