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The Ultimate Identity Theft

5505107751_7298672b93_zI went on a run this morning in the blistering heat (ran through the tree-shaded historical section of town and hit every front yard sprinkler I could find).

I passed one house and thought, “Oh, they’re going to have a yard sale.”With the next glance, I realized the items piling around the house and creeping across the lawn were more junky than sales worthy.

Yet off to the side, set apart from the junk, was a lovely patio set, complete with blue umbrella, where the family likely dined al fresco on nice evenings.

It painted such a contrasting picture. Normalcy and heaps of rubbish separated by ten feet of grass.

As I panted up the next block, keeping an eye out for a sprinkler close to the sidewalk, the Lord said, “This is how my people live. Not dealing with the junk in their lives.”

God Aches For Our Pain

When I got home, I journaled about it with the Lord and this is what He shared: “The loads they carry, the junk in their lives. They try to hide from Me because of the shame.

But the burden is not theirs to bear. For the joy set before Me, I endured the cross (Heb. 12:2). They are the joy that was ever before me. They were why I endured the cross. Only a sinless man can die in another’s place.

Don’t hide what I paid to free you from. If you bring your failures, your shame, your disgust with yourself to Me, you’ll find yourselves embraced in My love. Beauty for ashes, joy for mourning. You must take the time to come before Me. Reveal yourself. The ugly parts. The scared parts.

I am about to do a new thing in My people (Isaiah 43:19). I’m going to pour out My Spirit upon all men (Acts 2:17).

Tell them to come to Me as little children—–open and vulnerable.

If they feel shame when they open up their hearts to Me, they are encountering a lying spirit. One that wants to keep them trapped in a religious mindset where their value is determined by how well they act out their Christianity. It is a lying voice and it is pervasively deceiving My children.

They don’t understand My nature if they think I’m disappointed in them. Thoughts of them bring Me great joy. The liar and accuser of their souls is skilled at twisting truth into a bondage they blindly go under.

I am the source of life. I give living water to restore them. The enemy holds a club over them and threatens them in My name. He is the ultimate identity thief. Speaking lies in My name and calling it truth.

baby-200760_640Shake off the lies. Learn the Truth. Hunger for more of Me. More of My joy, peace and prosperity in your soul, that I freely give to you.

Come to Me as little children and find your rest in Me. I am a good Daddy who watches over you to comfort and teach.

My lessons are rarely painful. But sometimes the path you take leads you to places of pain. The brambles of the enemy’s deception cut and choke off life.

Choose Me as I have chosen you, dear one. For I love you.”


Father God, teach me Your ways. How to walk in Your presence without fear or shame. Give me courage to bring all of myself before You. Let me understand the value I have. The great love You have for me. Remind me that my failures have been forgotten by You. You just want to free me from what hinders and binds me, not torment me for my failure. Reveal the enemy’s lies and teach me how to rebuke those lies in Your name and replace them with Truth. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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