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Being Real With God

2190903226_1be8b3766b_zHow real can we be with God?

How well does He handle our bad moods and emotions?

Years ago, God asked a friend of mine with an incredible life story, if she would let a book be written about her life. She told Him no. He asked her several times and she continued to refuse.

I struggled with this. A lot.

God—–the Creator of the universe—–Mr. All-Powerful—–asks you to do something and you say no? ‘Scuse me?

After she shared this, I went to God and told Him how troubled I was by her refusal. His reply completely dumbfounded me.

He said, “That’s real relationship, isn’t it?”

That gave me insight into the kind of relationship God wants to have with us.

God wants real relationship.

He can handle the messiness of our honesty and our raw emotions.

He doesn’t want fake relationship where His kids tell Him what they think He wants to hear.

Not that He’s a pushover.

Once, when I was praying for someone headed down a rocky path, God gave me a picture. In the picture, God shook the person violently and a seed popped out of the person’s mouth. The seed grew into a tree this individual climbed. This person’s expression glowed with pride in their accomplishments. In the next scene, an ax came to the base of the tree and cut the tree down. But when the tree toppled, Jesus caught the person in His arms.

Not long after that, I was struggling with a situation in my life. One afternoon I poured out my frustration to God and then pretty much demanded He fix it. And then proceeded to tell Him how He needed to fix it and how soon. I had mentally cocked my pistol and was loaded for bear.

In the next instance, my mind’s eye was filled with a picture of God whacking me on the back. Then a seed popped out of my mouth. The exact seed that I had seen in the previous picture. I knew this wasn’t going to turn out well for me, so I said, “You gonna cut down my tree?”

God kindly and firmly replied, “It’s a tree of self.”

mother-15504_640Oh, the download that came with that statement. It’s a tree of selfishness. How I want things handled for my comfort in my timing.

I repented for my pride and selfishness, and my unwillingness to follow the path He’s asked me to walk in this situation. And He proceeded to show my why He’s asked me to walk this path.

And I got it. His love, His plan, and my willingness function together in a way that creates beautiful outcomes. Beautiful stories.

The lovely thing was God didn’t rebuke my honesty. He wasn’t offended by my frustration. I took my ugly, honest emotions and vented them to Him. I didn’t call my friends first. I didn’t gossip. I went to my Dad about a situation I was unhappy with. And He gave me an opportunity to adjust my perspective.


Father, help me be completely honest and transparent with you. I need to know that you love me and accept me even in the messiness of my pain and anger. I want to go deeper with you and have a more intimate relationship with you. Help me to find you when my life feels the darkest. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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