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Truth in Advertising

sneakers-572601_640Do we sometimes feel we are “selling” Jesus to the ones that don’t know him?

Trying to look perfect, be good “Christian witnesses” so they will long for what we have?

In my early days of walking with Jesus, I so badly wanted others to know Him (that part hasn’t changed). I didn’t want to mess it up. I wanted to shine in such a way that they’d see their lack, that they’d discover this better way of living.

It’s kind of like walking the river bank, continually casting our hooks into the water and waiting for the tug so we can shout, “Fish on! Fish on!” And if they slip away, we wonder what we could have done differently to have convinced them they need Jesus.

Is that what Jesus meant by being fishers of men?

I’ve heard marketers say that good product sells itself. Isn’t Jesus good product?

Recently, one of my kids decided to sell a pair of used shoes online. He was incredulous at how many people were watching his item. I asked if he’d been clear that the shoes were used. He said he had. I shrugged. Guess some people don’t mind well worn items.

Then they sold. For a rather higher price than I would have expected for a pair of shoes in that condition. Before I shipped them to the winning bidder, I checked the description he wrote up. “In near perfect condition. Hard to tell these from new.” Um…well!

I contacted the bidder, sent him some up close pics and he kindly requested a refund. We parted on friendly terms.

That led to an illuminating discussion with my boy. Sometimes our eagerness for a sale may trip us into false advertising. When I shared with him that by making his shoes sound better than they were, he was opening the door to having the same done to him. The reaping and sowing principle. He thanked me for saving his skin.

Do we sometimes try to polish Jesus up because our lives don’t reflect Him they way we’d like? Or we don’t have what He promises? So we push the goods, while hiding our own pain and disconnect?

I wonder if we get so burdened by life that we haven’t learned how to live in the perfect peace Jesus promises us. I don’t mean perfect circumstances. But, rather the peace He has for us in those circumstances.

Do we sometimes settle for the lies the enemy feeds us instead of telling those lying spirits to take a hike and start declaring God’s goodness into our lives? We have the power, in Christ, to alter the atmosphere around our circumstances. To alter the atmosphere inside our souls.

He lives in us, so we have access to the River of Life flowing through us. We have access to everything of God. All the fruits (love, joy, peace…Gal. 5:22-23 ), and all the resources of heaven. He delights in us and wants for us to live in fullness and abundance (Eph. 3:19; 2Cor. 9:8).

2546202577_3e695c0f0c_zIs it possible we’re being ripped off? Adam’s sin put mankind under a curse in the garden, but Jesus broke the curse when He became a curse for us at the cross
(Gal 3:13). But many of us continue to live under the lies.

Probably for a myriad of reasons. Not knowing there is a way free, not wanting the effort freedom requires, or so overwhelmed by the crud it seems impossible there is a way through.

Can you hear the battle cry?

All of heaven is cheering you on. There is no Jesus to sell to people. There is only relationship to introduce.

He just wants to know you, and for you to know Him at the most intimate level. It may begin by starting your day with Jesus and a cup of coffee.

How have our best relationships started? By spending time getting to know each other. Know He’s giving you an open invitation.


Jesus, will you make Yourself real to me? I need to know you care that way I’m told you do. I  need Your hand to cover me and protect me in these challenging circumstances. Please reveal yourself to me. Teach me how to find You. I desperately need You. Make Your presence known. Help me to become aware of You in a real way, as Your word says that You never leave me. I need You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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