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dumbbell-pair-299533_640How do we live from our truest identity?

You’re probably wondering what that means.

My guess is that most of us would characterize our identity by what we do. The thing that occupies the majority of our time…I’m a pastor, a writer, a mom, a doctor…

But does what we do define who we are?

I think sometimes we cling tightly to what we do because we don’t know who we are without it. Or we struggle with finding value in ourselves apart from our occupation.

Perhaps our truest identity comes from how heaven sees us.

Maybe it is from what God has purposed for our lives. Who we are in Him that defines our identity.

Maybe we cling to what we do here on earth because we’ve never discovered who we are in the kingdom.

And what we do here may be absolutely tied to who we are in the kingdom, but if we never discover what it is that God has deposited in us, we won’t live in deepest fulfillment.

One thing I’ve discovered about my identity is that I’m an encourager. I feel most fulfilled when God highlights someone and I get to love on them.

The other day at the gym, I grabbed some hand weights and stepped back to start into my squats and overhead presses. An elderly woman stood near me and tentatively asked if she was in my way. I gave her a smile and assured her she was fine and started into my exercise set. I could see her in my periphery turn to watch me intently. Then she faced the mirror, got into the ready position and caught me on my next squat, mimicking my movements exactly through the rest of my reps.

She was adorable and it was all I could do to contain my chuckles. When we finished, I told her, “Good job!” I could feel God’s love for her nearly coming out of my pores. I felt Him loving her through my eyes, my smile and in the warmth of my voice as we chatted. He lives inside us and He loves when we truly are the vessel He can pour Himself through.

Loving people who may rarely get someone’s full and joyful attention is a privilege for me. I come away from these encounters feeling like this is why I was born. To love and encourage.

ibiza-466156_640That’s part of my identity. Another is helping people get free from the pain and bondages that keep them locked behind the enemy lines of hopelessness, despair, and unforgiveness. All the lies the enemy feeds us to keep us from knowing who we are designed to truly be in Jesus.

I know, because I’ve lived behind enemy lines, buying into those lies. I also know the freedom that has been paid for us to walk whole and complete. And my most fervent desire is to help others attain that freedom.

Perhaps the restlessness we feel at times is a nudge to discover what we were created for. Who we were created to be. What pieces of Himself God has deposited within us that need some attention to grow into the fullness He designed us to walk in.

And it’s going to look different for each of us.

I feel that for someone, it’s for you to know that God designed you to be a mother. And you haven’t been able to fully embrace it because it doesn’t feel purposeful enough according to the world’s standards. But I feel God wants you to know it is the richest calling He’s designed. You get the privilege of raising and launching these precious gifts into His arms and the destinies He has for them. Rest in knowing you are walking in the highest calling.


Father God, I want to know who I am in You. Who you created Me to be. I want the peace that comes with knowing and operating in my truest identity. The plans and purposes you put inside me at birth that would lead me to walk in intimacy with you. Show me why I feel restless at times. Help me to discover who I truly am in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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