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Finding Hope

[]-2306211162_4What would life be without hope?

Many of us live in that place. Just holding on by a fingertip.

Faith and hope are active ingredients. Like yeast, they make things rise. Your emotions, your spirit, your situation and expectations.

I’m not talking about creating a false confidence or a Pollyanna outlook.

This is hope based on truth. The truth that God is not disappointed in us. That He has our back. That He cares deeply about the tiniest circumstances of our lives–—because He cares about us.

But we need to understand what hope is and what it isn’t.

Hope is about where you place your trust. The kingdom you are believing from.

If we’ve tripped into the kingdom of darkness in our thinking, we’ll see the negative, believe for the worst. Live from disappointment to disappointment.

When we fight to keep our minds fixed on the view from heaven (where the outlook is always positive and rooted in belief, Eph. 2:6), and we trust in the one who calls things that are not as though they are (Rom. 4:17-18), our outlook will rise. Our hope will rise and our joy will rise.

It doesn’t mean that we’ll get what we want. We’ll get what God intends for our best.

That verse, “…even God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist,” (Rom. 4:17 NASB) is in the context of God promising Abraham that he would be a father. Abraham was too old for kids and his wife was way past child bearing years. It was physically impossible for them to create a family.

But we are connected to a God who gives life to things that are dead. Sarah’s womb was dead. But God brought it to life.

We may not get the job or the raise, but God promises to meet our needs.

But I wonder if sometimes, when He’s trying to meet our needs, we drive right by where He’s placed our provision and conclude that He doesn’t care.

Not many people trust God completely. And we tend to blame Him when things go sideways in our lives.

But how much have we let Him into our lives? How often do we take His hand and let Him lead us?

How closely do we listen when He’s speaking?

Many times we forget to invite God into the car and then speed past Him with a quick wave and a prayer tossed out the window.

Then when we crash on the next curve, questions start flying through our minds: Where was He when we wrecked? Is He good? Does He even care about me?

sea-206887_640We often look to blame Him when we have squeezed Him out of the daily workings of our lives. Or maybe we invite Him along, but ignore His principles and push for our own agenda even while violating His.

He never retaliates. But just like the prodigal boy
(Luke 15:11-32), our choices can lead us away from the palace and into the pig slop.

But He never stops hoping for us, waiting on us with patience that flows from a heart consumed by love.

He is yours and you are His beloved.


Jesus, help me to live from heaven’s perspective for my life and for the lives of the people around me. Give me an elevated view, Your view of what is going on. Fill me with love and peace and ignite hope in my soul. Thank you for loving me and being with me even when I violate Your principles. Please help me to walk in the way of truth and love. I repent for when I’ve ignored you to push for my own agenda. Thank you for believing in me and having patience in my journey! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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