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You Are My Beloved

DCF 1.0A dear friend told me about a wonderful man named Mark Virkler. He’s gifted in teaching people how to hear God’s voice more clearly. His web site Communion With God Ministries is packed full of resources. I found him on iTunes and listened to his six podcasts titled: How to Hear God’s Voice.

The first podcast covers the basics and the next five are great bonus material. He also has a great book and video series titled Prayers that Heal the Heart (I just threw that in for free).

From his teachings, I learned how to journal with God and my time and my ability to hear God more clearly deepened significantly. So with that said, I wanted to share something God gave me for YOU, his precious, precious child.

From God’s Heart to Yours

You are My beloved. You are My beloved. Deeply loved.

Never lost from My sight. Loneliness creeps in, but you are never alone. My arms ache to hold you. To wrap you in comfort. To push back the darkness that lies to you and steals your peace and joy.

Come to me all who carry heavy burdens. Who long for more. More of Me. More of My love. Who ache to be held and comforted by a Father’s touch, a Father’s look of compassion and tenderness.

I am yours and you are Mine, beloved. Learn to quiet the clamor that drowns your mind with confusion and stress. I speak quietly to you.

Be still and know that I am God. That I am with you. That I long for you to know the comfort of My touch. The sound of My voice. I speak quietly, drawing you to Myself. To the comfort and safe haven that is My place of rest.

small[]-4440609236_3restYou are under heavy burdens of your own choosing. Lay them down. Seek My heart on what you’re to carry. I go with you and My burdens are not heavy. They don’t twist your back nor cause you harm in any way.

For I know the plans I have for you. For your good. For your peace. For your joy.

Come to Me and lay your burdens at My feet, sweet child. Lay them down and allow me to heal your broken back, your bruised soul. You are weary and tired. Alone and burdened.

Find Me and find rest. I am never far from you. Always near. You delight Me. Your crooked smile, your flashing eyes.

You are Mine and I delight greatly in you, sweet child.


How has God touched your life?

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