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Zapped No More!

Fear Not.

It’s both a command and an invitation. (Isaiah 41:10)

Have you ever felt you were living near a giant bug zapper? You know, like from the movie, It’s a Bug’s Life? My kids used to watch it when they were little…endlessly. My favorite scene is when the camera snaps to a scene with a flying insect drifting straight for an electrified bug zapper.

His horrified friend is shouting, “Don’t look at the light, Harry!” In languid tones, a deeply mesmerized Harry replies, “But it’s so beautif-” Bzzzzpt!

And Harry becomes a crispy critter.

For the last twelve hours (okay, I was sleeping for seven of them), I have been living in the bug zapper. Deep, deep in fear. Fear of what might happen if X and Y don’t get taken care of just so.

Finally, this morning, I pulled up You Tube and listened to Jesus Culture sing Break Every Chain, and then texted a dear friend who has been a spiritual mentor. She doesn’t even mind if the occasional bad word slips out when I’m venting. She’s Jesus wrapped in human skin.

I have been engulfed in turmoil, mostly because the whole situation was outside of my control. There wasn’t a darn thing I could do or say to fix it. And I was actually mad at God because He wasn’t fixing it and He had promised me I’d see a miracle.

What I realized was, there is a scared little girl inside me who doesn’t trust God to fix it. But I also realized that without this situation, that scared little girl would never be exposed. If things were going swimmingly she’d remain hidden. And she needs to be exposed so He can heal her and show her His power.

As I listened to Jesus Culture ” . . . there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain . . .” I started feeling the connection with the Holy Spirit again. I repented for my fear. Repented for my anger. I don’t want to live in those pits, getting slimmed by mounting thoughts of disaster and resentment. Shooting daggers with my eyes at the people I love.

loveI want to LOVELOVELOVE them with the love of God has for them. Punitive measures never motivate people to try harder. Withdrawing our love creates chasms and walls that are difficult to scale once our anger subsides.

And it’s not my job to make sure people see truth. It’s His kindness that draws them to repentance (Romans 2:4). We just get to be Jesus with skin on. Loving them, encouraging them. Speaking as we are led by the Spirit of wisdom and love.


How do you handle fear when it starts nipping at your heels or roaring in like a tornado?

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