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Where is God When Life is Hard?

Why doesn’t God bail us out of hard situations? I was talking with a friend about a struggle someone we knew was having with finances. To help them out, my friend was considering forgiving a debt they owed him. But it felt like God was saying that He would not have my friend forgive the… Read more »

Do Thoughts Determine Whether We Are Victorious or Defeated?

What thoughts are we thinking? Bill Johnson says that any thought we have that doesn’t inspire hope is under the influence of a lie. When things get rough, we tend to go straight for the S.O.S. prayers. “God, get me out of this mess!” But what if God has a miracle he’s waiting to give us,… Read more »

Have Another Thought

How do we dump pessimistic thinking? The other day I was wrestling through some issues. Just a few minor things, but added together they were draining. I took myself to the gym and pulled up some Graham Cooke on my iPod. At one point he said, “If you don’t like the thought you’re having, have… Read more »

Do Thoughts Control Our Emotions?

Are we aware of our thought lives? Remember when we learned to drive? How we nervously sat in the driver’s seat and pulled onto the road for the first time, wondering how on earth we were going to keep the speedometer needle in its legal position, shift, brake, watch for merging traffic and keep the car… Read more »