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What Keeps Us From Slowing Down?

What drives us? Do we slow down enough to discover how we feel when there aren’t any “to do” lists staring at us? Most of us are so busy we never discover how we feel at rest. Or we unconsciously know that to be still means anxiety or stress start stirring inside, so we never… Read more »

The Load We Carry

I wonder if we recognize our escape plans. Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved jewelry. Whenever we were out shopping, my mom and I would always step into those magical stores with all the sparklies beneath the glass cases. When Mat and I became engaged, I happened to work at a jewelry store…. Read more »

From Busyness to Breathing

When did busyness take over our lives? Before kids I didn’t need a calendar. Appointments somehow filed themselves away in my gray matter and popped up when needed. The arrival of our first child and then twins, twenty months later, apparently melted my synapses—–probably the lack of sleep—–and I perfected the art of apologizing for… Read more »

Finding Peace

Are the burdens that weigh us down the ones we’re supposed to be shouldering? We are a culture saturated with exhausted and stressed out people. And to manage our stress many of us eat or escape into the internet. But is it helping lighten our load? Or does food, shopping or the internet mask our… Read more »