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Why Don’t We Live As Overcomers?

If we are designed to be overcomers, why aren’t we? I think there are many reasons. One that comes to mind is how we choose to view ourselves and others. I’ve gone through a rough patch lately where I haven’t felt connected to God. No sense of His presence. No joy. No real peace. It crept… Read more »

Living Like Sheep

Does God have a sense of humor? He compares us to sheep and I have to think that makes Him laugh. My friend, John, was driving past a field on a scorching summer day and noticed a group of sheep crowded oddly together in a tight circle. Then John detected the narrow shadow cast by… Read more »

God Embraces Us In Our Sin

Can God be in the presence of sin? When my kids were young  I taught them that He couldn’t. I believed it and wanted to encourage them to move toward sinless behavior. Or at least try their hardest to get close. You know, “God’s not with you, so you might want to repent quickly.” Fear… Read more »

God Is Pleased With You!

Can God still be pleased with us when we are sinning? How does He view our sin when we are hip deep in it? I’ve wrestled with this question for much of my Christian life. I was certain He couldn’t, so I didn’t understand how He could keep from leaving me as a grease spot… Read more »

God Is Not Disappointed With You!

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter last night. She struggles with the fear of rejection. The fear that if people really know her, they won’t like her. Yeah, that apple didn’t roll too far from the tree–—that was my biggest fear for years. She also believed she should be ashamed of her wrong… Read more »

Pride and Injustice in Parenting and Life

Pride and Injustice: The two ditches I often fall into. Unfortunately, pride wears blinders. I know this because I see it in other people. Their flaws are readily apparent. Mine? Not so much. Though my daughter’s hurt becomes a mirror of my verbal tone and words if I will only look.  It’s easier to point… Read more »

Getting Rid of the Blame Monster

I hate being a cranky mom. From there I transform into a blame monster. It started one morning on the drive to school when my fifteen year-old turned to me and asked if I would bring him his basketball shoes before practice. I assumed he’d forgotten his shoes at home, but no, they were sitting… Read more »