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How Much Does God Care?

How truly interested is God in the daily aspects of our lives? Does He care that the light turned red and we are wasting our time waiting in traffic? Does He root for us in our sporting events? Does He care about the team we’re watching? Or is His attention focused more on ISIS and… Read more »

How Full Is Our Relationship Tank?

Are we connected to fulfilling relationships, or distant ones? We live in a culture that is moving away from emotional intimacy. Social media allows us to present what we want others to see of ourselves. It doesn’t foster transparency and vulnerability. There are people who come across as being open and honest about themselves and their situations…. Read more »

How Well Do We Love?

What would happen if we took time to listen? I’ve been learning a few things lately. Things like how people have experienced me differently than I intended. It’s eye opening. And not necessarily pleasant. I think I’m being efficient in directing teenagers to pick up the house, but they hear a drill sergeant at boot camp…. Read more »