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The Relationship God Desires

What kind of relationship does God want with us? In my last post, I shared how God had exposed a mindset that I needed shaken free from. A wrong belief that I had to please God in order to have His presence. As soon as that understanding took root, stress and the pressure to perform disappeared… Read more »

Finding Our Way

How do we walk free from performance when it’s deeply embedded in our thinking? I went for a hike today. First one by myself. Emotions were billowing in me and I needed someplace quiet where I could let those emotions loose if needed. And I didn’t want to be that weird woman crying on the… Read more »

The Greatest Gift

How often do we attempt to control others without even realizing it? We tend to consider it a form of love. If we see someone we care for headed along a path riddled with dangerous pot holes, how can we not step in? How can we stand by and let them feel the pain of… Read more »

Why Do We Run From God?

So, the other morning I was pondering this week’s blog. What were God and I going to write? Nothing was coming to mind, so I grabbed my journal and asked. This is how it went: Me:  What do you want to blog about this week? God:  Intimacy. The lies that hinder My people from drawing… Read more »