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Does Prayer Matter?

What is prayer exactly? And does it really matter if we pray? Does it change the outcome of anything? I think there are two paths to prayer, and the one we choose is determined by how we view God. I grew up being afraid to ask my dad for anything. Afraid that he’d get irritated. He… Read more »

What Motivates God to Answer Our Prayers?

Is it our job to motivate God to answer our prayers? Somehow, in my growing up years, I picked up the concept that it’s my fervor and persistence that will move God to answer my pleas. And rarely were those fearfully motivated prayers answered the way I desired. So, the obvious reason my prayers lay… Read more »

How Much Do We Trust?

Is the act of believing a form of prayer? As I prayed for my kids one day, I found myself grabbing for prayers. Fix-it prayers. You see, my middle son has aspirations to play college basketball, and fear started speaking to me, “How will coaches find him in our small town of mountains and sage… Read more »