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Loving Others Despite Our Fears

How do we get past our fears to love people? The other day I walked into a business I frequent and waited near another woman. God asked me to tell her that He loved her. I said, “No, not here, Lord. Not in this place where I come so often.” God has asked me to… Read more »

Have Another Thought

How do we dump pessimistic thinking? The other day I was wrestling through some issues. Just a few minor things, but added together they were draining. I took myself to the gym and pulled up some Graham Cooke on my iPod. At one point he said, “If you don’t like the thought you’re having, have… Read more »

Fighting Against the Enemy

It was one of those days. Nothing bad had really happened, just some minor growing pains between me and my daughter. But it wasn’t fun and I hate feeling disconnected from the people I love. Unfortunately, that comes with teen territory—–their transition from childhood to adulthood with parents trying to hang on and let go at… Read more »