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Living Close to Him

How does living disconnected from God’s presence affect our daily lives? When I’m immersed in His presence, and that love is flowing through me and spilling onto the people around me—–my kids, that crabby customer service person, the harried barista—–nothing dents my joy. It’s like a fountain that can’t be plugged. And it infects people…. Read more »

How Does Negativity Infect Us?

How does negativity infect us? I had a tightly scheduled trip to Eugene to interview some candidates for our bookkeeping position. Because of congested airspace, I missed my connecting flight. So just after lunchtime, I found myself listening as the kind reservationist explained that all the flights to Eugene were oversold, but they did have… Read more »

Stepping Into Peace

I’ve been living with a difficult situation. Feeling the brunt of rejection. The backlash of fervent disagreement. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. God is the answer to all life’s problems, right? Or is He? He says He is the Prince of Peace. Our redeemer, our sustenance, our reward and inheritance. Our provision…. Read more »