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Does Our Lens Keep Us From Loving People Well?

How much of our thinking is built on a lie? On a lens that is colored through our experiences and belief systems? The lens we look through flavors everything. Our lens is our bias. There is a person on the periphery of my life that I struggle with. I’ll call him Ben. I care for… Read more »

Can I Become Worthy of God’s Love?

How do I know if I’m worthy of God’s love? How often do we blow it? Said something we wished we hadn’t? Wasted time instead of being productive? Looked at things we shouldn’t have? Spent money we didn’t have? Lied? Cheated? How does God look at us in our fragmented messes? How can He be… Read more »

How Do We Love the World?

What do we do when our Christian values collide with the world’s? Last weekend, the hubs and I went away for a little R&R. We live in a rural area so had to drive a couple hours to get more metropolitan. After one full day, we were starving. All the nice eateries were closed except one…. Read more »

What Makes God Happy?

What makes God happy? Many of us might say it’s our good behavior. That would be true if God subscribed to our reward-based system. In our world, free gifts come with hidden agendas. God doesn’t need what this world has to offer. He is not motivated by money, or power or acclaim. So what is He… Read more »

What Lens Are We Looking (Judging) Through?

What lens do we read the Bible through? And by lens, I mean what belief system? We all have lenses. They’re created by how we perceive the world, what we consider just and how we think others should be treated. There are a myriad of factors that create the lenses we view life through. But… Read more »

What Keeps Us From Slowing Down?

What drives us? Do we slow down enough to discover how we feel when there aren’t any “to do” lists staring at us? Most of us are so busy we never discover how we feel at rest. Or we unconsciously know that to be still means anxiety or stress start stirring inside, so we never… Read more »

How Well Do We Love?

What would happen if we took time to listen? I’ve been learning a few things lately. Things like how people have experienced me differently than I intended. It’s eye opening. And not necessarily pleasant. I think I’m being efficient in directing teenagers to pick up the house, but they hear a drill sergeant at boot camp…. Read more »

Why Do We Feel the Need to Defend God?

We are to be light to a dark world, right? (Matt. 5:14-16) So how do we do that practically? How do we “go into all the world preaching the gospel” when we have a hard enough time getting our kids to go to church? (Mark 16:15) How do we portray love when we often lack… Read more »

How Do We Let Love Lead Us?

I’ve recently been listening to some podcasts by a pastor named Robert Henderson. He suggests a pretty cool prayer: God, I want to see like you see, think like you think, and feel like you feel. So I started praying it. And holy moly, my thinking began to change. And I started to see people differently…. Read more »

Do We Disappoint God?

Does God feel disappointed when we sin? Before we dig into that, we need to uncover our biases. How do we approach God’s view of us. Do we put ourselves in His shoes? (I think we often do this unconsciously. After all, that is our only point of reference.) Do we approach the question from a… Read more »