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How Full Is Our Relationship Tank?

Are we connected to fulfilling relationships, or distant ones? We live in a culture that is moving away from emotional intimacy. Social media allows us to present what we want others to see of ourselves. It doesn’t foster transparency and vulnerability. There are people who come across as being open and honest about themselves and their situations…. Read more »

God Embraces Us In Our Sin

Can God be in the presence of sin? When my kids were young  I taught them that He couldn’t. I believed it and wanted to encourage them to move toward sinless behavior. Or at least try their hardest to get close. You know, “God’s not with you, so you might want to repent quickly.” Fear… Read more »

Why Do We Run From God?

So, the other morning I was pondering this week’s blog. What were God and I going to write? Nothing was coming to mind, so I grabbed my journal and asked. This is how it went: Me:  What do you want to blog about this week? God:  Intimacy. The lies that hinder My people from drawing… Read more »