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The Torment That Ensnares Us

What does torment look like? I’m not talking medieval torture, but the barrage of negativity that persistently bangs against our door. For some, it’s fear. Unreasonable, unrelenting fear. The vague sense that something bad could happen to us or someone we love. An undefined sense of doom that hangs over us like a cloud. For… Read more »

Sickness and Negativity

Do our emotions affect our health? As I listened to the radio on the drive into work, two morning show hosts discussed a study on hugs. They said hugging actually keeps you from getting sick. Hugs leave us feeling happy which boosts our immune systems. While negativity depresses the immune system and leaves us vulnerable to… Read more »

Stepping Into Peace

I’ve been living with a difficult situation. Feeling the brunt of rejection. The backlash of fervent disagreement. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. God is the answer to all life’s problems, right? Or is He? He says He is the Prince of Peace. Our redeemer, our sustenance, our reward and inheritance. Our provision…. Read more »