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Does Our Lens Keep Us From Loving People Well?

How much of our thinking is built on a lie? On a lens that is colored through our experiences and belief systems? The lens we look through flavors everything. Our lens is our bias. There is a person on the periphery of my life that I struggle with. I’ll call him Ben. I care for… Read more »

Does God Really Want to Know Us?

If we lived in Jesus’ day, who would we have hung out with? The Pharisees or the partiers? Maybe we would say neither, reasoning that we aren’t legalistic, nor of looser values. But Jesus wasn’t legalistic or lacking moral direction. Yet, he hung with the partiers. Why? Because he was drawn to their hungry hearts…. Read more »

Loving Others Despite Our Fears

How do we get past our fears to love people? The other day I walked into a business I frequent and waited near another woman. God asked me to tell her that He loved her. I said, “No, not here, Lord. Not in this place where I come so often.” God has asked me to… Read more »

What Motivates God to Answer Our Prayers?

Is it our job to motivate God to answer our prayers? Somehow, in my growing up years, I picked up the concept that it’s my fervor and persistence that will move God to answer my pleas. And rarely were those fearfully motivated prayers answered the way I desired. So, the obvious reason my prayers lay… Read more »

Who Are We Walking With?

How do we know which kingdom we are walking in? This morning TDH (tall, dark and handsome) had to talk me off the ledge. I had worked myself into a lather over the responsibilities of parenting. So many things on our radar—–SAT tests, scholarship research, college admissions—–and that’s my short list. What is my responsibility and… Read more »

Finding Hope

What would life be without hope? Many of us live in that place. Just holding on by a fingertip. Faith and hope are active ingredients. Like yeast, they make things rise. Your emotions, your spirit, your situation and expectations. I’m not talking about creating a false confidence or a Pollyanna outlook. This is hope based on… Read more »

Finding Peace

Are the burdens that weigh us down the ones we’re supposed to be shouldering? We are a culture saturated with exhausted and stressed out people. And to manage our stress many of us eat or escape into the internet. But is it helping lighten our load? Or does food, shopping or the internet mask our… Read more »

Loving Yourself Fully

Do we love ourselves fully? You know, the way God made us. The way he created us in the womb (Psalm 139:13). To have the hair color, the eye color, the height, the stature…all created in His image (Gen. 1:26). Do we like what we see when we look in the mirror…or imagined through the… Read more »

The Love Jesus Has For You

Do you know how much Jesus loves you? We’ve been told that He loves us so much He died on a cross for us. But that is so huge, so unfathomable, we don’t easily grasp the depth of love in it. I want to tell you how much He loves you. He watched you as you… Read more »

Why Do We Run From God?

So, the other morning I was pondering this week’s blog. What were God and I going to write? Nothing was coming to mind, so I grabbed my journal and asked. This is how it went: Me:  What do you want to blog about this week? God:  Intimacy. The lies that hinder My people from drawing… Read more »