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Does God Discipline Like We Do?

Does God discipline His kids like we do our own? Have you noticed that God can’t control His kids? Not even Adam and Eve, in their perfect sinless state. That’s actually not a true statement. It’s not that God can’t control His kids, it’s that He doesn’t choose to control them. It would only take a little lightning… Read more »

Storming the Enemy

How do we handle painful situations? Too often we seek the Holy Spirit’s comfort, even as we embrace the enemy’s lies. Letting the enemy lie and steal, while waiting for God to swoop in and rescue us from our situations. But God’s already shown a light on our path: We have to reject the lies (2 Cor. 10:5)…. Read more »

The Path To Freedom

What battle are you fighting? With yourself? Are you beating yourself up over your bad choices, your forgetfulness, your lack of measuring up? Or with others? Their stupidity, insensitivity and thoughtlessness or just because they lack kindness toward us?