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How Giving Up Our Rights Brings Freedom

Quite a few years ago we went on a long road trip. Family reunion in Canada, a lovely sojourn to Wallowa Lake and then visited friends as we meandered back home. There was very little grousing from the short people in the backseat as we wound our way up over mountains and down through canyons…. Read more »

Lake of Grace

How deep is the Sea of Forgetfulness? The other day regret came knocking on my door. Unfortunately, I answered. And he didn’t come by himself. Condemnation and guilt followed him right into my living room, while accusation slithered in on their heels. Guilt and condemnation held up some past failures and accusation and regret jumped in,… Read more »

The Pain of Disconnection

Broken relationships don’t have a place in God’s kingdom. They happen, obviously. All the time, unfortunately. Disconnection is from the enemy’s team. Their demonic objective is to steal, kill and destroy. From us, God’s kids. The enemy of our soul is consumed with stealing our joy and peace. Killing our hope and love. And destroying… Read more »

Sinner or Saint?

How often has it been spoken by well-intentioned people, that we are sinners saved by grace? How often have we proudly proclaimed, “I’m a sinner, saved by grace!” The problem with that belief (in its present tense form) is that it is in error. It is not Biblical. It has become a tradition of men,… Read more »

The Great Exchange

Shame steals. It’s insidious. Slimy. It relentlessly seeks any cracks in our core being. Hunting for the fault lines. Nourishing the lies that we aren’t good enough. That our failures define us. It finds those fears and erodes, pushing and wedging itself in deeper and deeper. Feeding the erroneous belief that our happiness is unequivocally… Read more »