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Why Do We Have To Become “Less” For God?

Does God want us to become “less”? How often do well meaning believers say we need to die…we need to become less so God can become more? If He loves us so much that He would go through unimaginable agony to bring us back into relationship with Him, why would He want us to be… Read more »

What Is It Like To Truly Experience God’s Love?

Have you truly experienced God’s love? I mean, have you felt His pleasure in you? Just for being you? Not because you purchased someone’s groceries, or gave up your seat on the bus, or let an injustice slide past without picking up an offense. Has your heart experienced the pleasure of Him smiling over you?… Read more »

The Relationship God Desires

What kind of relationship does God want with us? In my last post, I shared how God had exposed a mindset that I needed shaken free from. A wrong belief that I had to please God in order to have His presence. As soon as that understanding took root, stress and the pressure to perform disappeared… Read more »