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Does God Hear Our Prayers?

Why does it feel like God doesn’t hear our prayers? Why does He seem uninterested in our lives? Why does life remain so challenging when we’ve pounded heaven for help? The other morning as I prayed for my son on the way to school, I asked God to nudge him when an assignment was due…. Read more »

How Good is God’s Goodness, Really?

What is God’s desire for your life? Hardship, so you learn lessons? Or punishment for willful disobedience? How many of us are ensnared by condemnation because we’ve done things we knew not to do? We wrestle with wondering how God can forgive us for something we knowingly chose. Is the issue really about God’s forgiveness…or… Read more »

How Does Being Adopted Change Our Relationship With God?

Do we truly see ourselves as God’s adored kids? I recently had the privilege of visiting Expression58 and hearing Jennifer Toledo speak. She shared how she had been lamenting to the Lord her lack of a testimony. Having been raised with an intimate relationship with the Lord, there was no riveting dark alley conversion. He then… Read more »

Rejoicing When Life Goes Sideways

How does God want us to love? I used to “love” through control. A parent’s perspective has the hindsight and wisdom gleaned from their own journey. And it’s our job to share our journey, with all its successes and mistakes, with our kids. Hopefully, imparting wisdom and learning lessons packed with love. Occasionally, I’ll see my… Read more »

Cracked Foundations

What keeps us from intimacy with God? What keeps us from flowing in His power and kicking the enemy’s hind end out of our lives? I wonder if there are some basic questions we need settled before we can move forward with Him. Here are three that either weaken or strengthen the foundation of our… Read more »