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The Great Exchange

Shame steals. It’s insidious. Slimy. It relentlessly seeks any cracks in our core being. Hunting for the fault lines. Nourishing the lies that we aren’t good enough. That our failures define us. It finds those fears and erodes, pushing and wedging itself in deeper and deeper. Feeding the erroneous belief that our happiness is unequivocally… Read more »

For the Love of Money and Cows

God owns the cows on a thousand hills. So we don’t need to worry about money, right? It’s just occasionally we’d like to see more hoof prints on our bank account, no? So, we in the Sand clan live basketball. Live it and breathe it. Because of this, there are many, many pairs of basketball… Read more »

You Are My Beloved

A dear friend told me about a wonderful man named Mark Virkler. He’s gifted in teaching people how to hear God’s voice more clearly. His web site Communion With God Ministries is packed full of resources. I found him on iTunes and listened to his six podcasts titled: How to Hear God’s Voice. The first podcast… Read more »