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Should the Bible Become An Experience?

Should the Bible be read or experienced? What happens when scripture stays in our heads and doesn’t become an experience? If I read the Bible for knowledge, I can know about God, but does that translate into knowing Him in an experiential way? Is it possible that knowledge without experience doesn’t really help us? We… Read more »

Can the Bible Meet Our Needs?

Can scripture fulfill our need to connect with God? I grew up in a Bible-based church. I had a lot of scripture in my head—–God is love. God is good. It’s the kindness of God that leads to repentance. But I felt like an imposter. I looked and sounded like a good Christian, but I… Read more »

Our Deep Desire to Belong…

How badly do we want to belong? I believe we come hardwired with a desire to belong. To feel connected. Some of us crave it more than others—–which is probably based on how secure we felt growing up and how deeply connected we are to others right now in our lives. For those of us… Read more »

How Should We Pray When Difficulty Arises?

The other day I found myself praying like a beggar instead of a daughter. “Please be with them. Please help them.” It was a default prayer. I had a concern and pushed the play button on my auto-recorded prayers. The ones from yesteryear when I didn’t believe God would really listen unless I tugged on… Read more »

God Is Pleased With You!

Can God still be pleased with us when we are sinning? How does He view our sin when we are hip deep in it? I’ve wrestled with this question for much of my Christian life. I was certain He couldn’t, so I didn’t understand how He could keep from leaving me as a grease spot… Read more »

What Sneaks Into Our Basements

God is big and vast, but how reachable is He? How involved in our lives when it comes to actual situations—–as opposed to the overall big picture? I read in a parenting book one time: You get what you focus on. What we believe to be true influences our speech, body language and interactions with… Read more »

We Are Not Orphans

Are you an orphan or a daughter? An orphan spirit has permeated the Christian community. This spirit causes us to live in lack rather than fullness. We plead for our prayers to be heard and answered, instead of climbing on Daddy’s lap and listening to what Jesus and Holy Spirit are praying into our situation… Read more »

Laughing With God

Have you ever heard God laugh? Do you want to? Do you want to experience the sweet sound of utter delight that comes from a parent thoroughly in love with His child? You. Or the fierce sound of a Warrior laughing in the face of His enemies when we dwell in the shelter of the Most High (Psalm… Read more »

Why Do We Run From God?

So, the other morning I was pondering this week’s blog. What were God and I going to write? Nothing was coming to mind, so I grabbed my journal and asked. This is how it went: Me:  What do you want to blog about this week? God:  Intimacy. The lies that hinder My people from drawing… Read more »

God Is Not Disappointed With You!

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter last night. She struggles with the fear of rejection. The fear that if people really know her, they won’t like her. Yeah, that apple didn’t roll too far from the tree–—that was my biggest fear for years. She also believed she should be ashamed of her wrong… Read more »