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Does God Really Want to Know Us?

If we lived in Jesus’ day, who would we have hung out with? The Pharisees or the partiers? Maybe we would say neither, reasoning that we aren’t legalistic, nor of looser values. But Jesus wasn’t legalistic or lacking moral direction. Yet, he hung with the partiers. Why? Because he was drawn to their hungry hearts…. Read more »

What Lens Are We Looking (Judging) Through?

What lens do we read the Bible through? And by lens, I mean what belief system? We all have lenses. They’re created by how we perceive the world, what we consider just and how we think others should be treated. There are a myriad of factors that create the lenses we view life through. But… Read more »

Do We Live from the Cross or the Tomb?

Which side of the cross do we live from? Needing a Savior or walking with the Savior? Jesus dying on the cross is everything to a believer. But it is only the starting point. It is the beginning of our walk with Him. Because there’s the tomb. The empty one that we don’t talk much… Read more »

What Is Our Christian Mandate?

The other day I was listening to Christian radio and the disc jockey said that the greatest thing we can do is to surrender our lives to Christ. Comments encouraging people to do the right “Christian” thing make me twist inside. My heels start digging in as I feel the push of the law. So I… Read more »

What Would Happen If We Monitored Our Thoughts?

How do we battle the enemy? And who is the true enemy? When I was growing up, hearing anything related to satan and his demons scared the bejeebers out of me. I didn’t want to think about him, let alone say his name out loud for fear of attracting a hellacious attack. After college, I… Read more »

How Giving Up Our Rights Brings Freedom

Quite a few years ago we went on a long road trip. Family reunion in Canada, a lovely sojourn to Wallowa Lake and then visited friends as we meandered back home. There was very little grousing from the short people in the backseat as we wound our way up over mountains and down through canyons…. Read more »

Why Some People Struggle More Than Others

Why do some of us seem to struggle more than others? Many of us have learned to hide our struggles because society tends to focus on outward behavior. We haven’t been taught or we tend to ignore the reality that outward behaviors (i.e. drinking, gossip, criticalness, stealing) are symptoms of internal struggles. Wounds that haven’t healed…. Read more »

Finding Our Way

How do we walk free from performance when it’s deeply embedded in our thinking? I went for a hike today. First one by myself. Emotions were billowing in me and I needed someplace quiet where I could let those emotions loose if needed. And I didn’t want to be that weird woman crying on the… Read more »

The Greatest Gift

How often do we attempt to control others without even realizing it? We tend to consider it a form of love. If we see someone we care for headed along a path riddled with dangerous pot holes, how can we not step in? How can we stand by and let them feel the pain of… Read more »

Lake of Grace

How deep is the Sea of Forgetfulness? The other day regret came knocking on my door. Unfortunately, I answered. And he didn’t come by himself. Condemnation and guilt followed him right into my living room, while accusation slithered in on their heels. Guilt and condemnation held up some past failures and accusation and regret jumped in,… Read more »