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What Motivates God to Answer Our Prayers?

Is it our job to motivate God to answer our prayers? Somehow, in my growing up years, I picked up the concept that it’s my fervor and persistence that will move God to answer my pleas. And rarely were those fearfully motivated prayers answered the way I desired. So, the obvious reason my prayers lay… Read more »

Do Thoughts Determine Whether We Are Victorious or Defeated?

What thoughts are we thinking? Bill Johnson says that any thought we have that doesn’t inspire hope is under the influence of a lie. When things get rough, we tend to go straight for the S.O.S. prayers. “God, get me out of this mess!” But what if God has a miracle he’s waiting to give us,… Read more »

Finding Hope

What would life be without hope? Many of us live in that place. Just holding on by a fingertip. Faith and hope are active ingredients. Like yeast, they make things rise. Your emotions, your spirit, your situation and expectations. I’m not talking about creating a false confidence or a Pollyanna outlook. This is hope based on… Read more »