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Should the Bible Become An Experience?

Should the Bible be read or experienced? What happens when scripture stays in our heads and doesn’t become an experience? If I read the Bible for knowledge, I can know about God, but does that translate into knowing Him in an experiential way? Is it possible that knowledge without experience doesn’t really help us? We… Read more »

What Is It Like To Truly Experience God’s Love?

Have you truly experienced God’s love? I mean, have you felt His pleasure in you? Just for being you? Not because you purchased someone’s groceries, or gave up your seat on the bus, or let an injustice slide past without picking up an offense. Has your heart experienced the pleasure of Him smiling over you?… Read more »

How to Experience God

How do we eat from good fruit? I see many good-intentioned Christians working so hard to have godly behavior. Is it possible they are eating from their own tree? The tree of good intentions and hard work? Striving to conform their behavior to the Word of God, rather than being transformed? The other morning as… Read more »