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Can I Become Worthy of God’s Love?

How do I know if I’m worthy of God’s love? How often do we blow it? Said something we wished we hadn’t? Wasted time instead of being productive? Looked at things we shouldn’t have? Spent money we didn’t have? Lied? Cheated? How does God look at us in our fragmented messes? How can He be… Read more »

How Good is God’s Goodness, Really?

What is God’s desire for your life? Hardship, so you learn lessons? Or punishment for willful disobedience? How many of us are ensnared by condemnation because we’ve done things we knew not to do? We wrestle with wondering how God can forgive us for something we knowingly chose. Is the issue really about God’s forgiveness…or… Read more »

How Do We Get Free From Condemnation?

How often do we crawl back into the prison of condemnation? Why can we not believe that Jesus has truly freed us from it? When we hear of abuse done to the innocent, it moves us to righteous anger. We want the perpetrators punished for the injustice. But how would we feel if rescuers were… Read more »