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Are We Living As Ambassadors of Love?

Do we use our gifts to restore or to tear down? I’m beginning to realize that people don’t mess up on purpose. So why do I find myself becoming irritable if I have to repeat myself to TDH or one of the kids? They didn’t not hear or misunderstand on purpose. (Except for our two… Read more »

Living Like Sheep

Does God have a sense of humor? He compares us to sheep and I have to think that makes Him laugh. My friend, John, was driving past a field on a scorching summer day and noticed a group of sheep crowded oddly together in a tight circle. Then John detected the narrow shadow cast by… Read more »

Getting Rid of the Blame Monster

I hate being a cranky mom. From there I transform into a blame monster. It started one morning on the drive to school when my fifteen year-old turned to me and asked if I would bring him his basketball shoes before practice. I assumed he’d forgotten his shoes at home, but no, they were sitting… Read more »