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What Makes God Happy?

What makes God happy? Many of us might say it’s our good behavior. That would be true if God subscribed to our reward-based system. In our world, free gifts come with hidden agendas. God doesn’t need what this world has to offer. He is not motivated by money, or power or acclaim. So what is He… Read more »

Living Like Sheep

Does God have a sense of humor? He compares us to sheep and I have to think that makes Him laugh. My friend, John, was driving past a field on a scorching summer day and noticed a group of sheep crowded oddly together in a tight circle. Then John detected the narrow shadow cast by… Read more »

From Busyness to Breathing

When did busyness take over our lives? Before kids I didn’t need a calendar. Appointments somehow filed themselves away in my gray matter and popped up when needed. The arrival of our first child and then twins, twenty months later, apparently melted my synapses—–probably the lack of sleep—–and I perfected the art of apologizing for… Read more »

Reframing Love

Some years ago I found myself feeling lost and lonely. I didn’t know that goodness surrounded me, and I certainly didn’t know how to access it. All I knew was that I needed to control those around me. It wasn’t overt (usually) and it wasn’t deliberate. I just thought I could see more clearly than… Read more »

The Love Jesus Has For You

Do you know how much Jesus loves you? We’ve been told that He loves us so much He died on a cross for us. But that is so huge, so unfathomable, we don’t easily grasp the depth of love in it. I want to tell you how much He loves you. He watched you as you… Read more »